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December 2015 - Work on the deleted scenes of Terminator Genisys has been finished. Like said before, I have not discovered whole new scenes. Only quick shots and parts of existing scenes. Some longer speeches and a few alternate takes. One of the problems I had with the marketing of Terminator Genisys, aside of revealing way too much and almost spoiling the entire movie upfront, is that it feels like they have been cheating. They have taken a lot of dialogue and placed it in other scenes where the character is talking. Also, they have used words from different lines of dialogues ansd pasted them together to create complete new lines. Not really fair, even misleading, and this also makes the search for deleted parts more intensive and time consuming. Terminator Genisys deleted scenes.

I also have added a picture of a rare alternate scene of The Terminator. It's the tv cut in which the shooting of the gun store clerk is not shown. Instead the door of the store flies open because of the gunshot blast. Check it out: The Terminator alternate scene Gunstore.

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