Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes


DELETED SCENES  Future war - Acquiring a plasma riffle
 Future war - Endoskeleton
 Future war - Truck
 Future war - Resistance action
 Sarah's medication
 Sarah's nightmare
 T-1000 searching for John
 T-1000 acquires a police car
 Dog Max
 T-1000 in John's room
 "Just some trash"
 T-1000 & Douglas
 Sarah berating John
 "Can it be destroyed?"
 Night repairs
 Dyson - Meet the pilot
 Sarah & Enrique's friendship
 Weapon's cache
 Conversation in the car
 Sarah's preparations
 Neural-net processor meets Dyson's axe
 Police radio
 John Connor watches in terror
 T-1000 in steel mill
 T-1000 glitches
 Steel mill walk
 The false Sarah
 "It has to end here...or I am the future"
 Future Coda
ALTERNATE SCENES  T-1000's mall walk
 Canal chase
 T-1000 motorcycle jump
 Tanker rollover
 Steel mill auto crash
 Steel mill fight - part 1
 Steel mill fight - part 2
 Sarah and John duck away
 "I swear I will not kill anyone"
OMITTED SCENES  Extended future war - Battlefield
 Extended future war - T1's infiltrator
 Extended future war - Rotten face
 Extended future war - Time-displacement complex
 Extended future war - Cold storage facility
 Sarah's Electro-Convulsive Therapy
 Extended Sarah's first nightmare
 Terminator's three-story high-fall
 Fence jump
 T-1000 hides gun
 Inmate's cell
 Escape from hospital
 Silberman's revelation
 Dead police officer
 John refuses a gun
 Missile dream
 Gant ranch
 Salceda's death
 Cyberdyne's 2nd floor security
 Dyson's vision
 Tunnel chase
STORY IDEAS  T-800 vs T-800
 Female Terminator
 T-1000's demise
NOVEL SCENES  The unlucky trucker
 Dyson & boss budget/finance
 And more

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