Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Dyson's vision
T2 omitted scene

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Scene description
A more poethic death scene of Miles Dyson.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Dyson's dying vision in the 9/10/90 draft was originally a much more stylized and lyrical death scene that emphasized the man's character making peace with himself and with his family at his sacrifice for the good of mankind. Although a powerful scene, it was ultimately never filmed as the exploration of Dyson's character and his relationship with his family became secondary to the main thrust of the narrative.
In all but final revision of the script, Dyson's death consists of a more lyrical, stylized vision that reconciles him with his family and his conviction that his sacrifice is worthwhile. In shooting the scene, it was decided to play the cold reality of his death, his hyperventilating slowing to a gasp and then stopping completely as the camera pushes in on his face to his wide, unseeing eyes. The family picture motif was thus omitted as well in order not to bring up the issue of his family's future without resolving his feelings toward it.



Terminator 2 script (9/10/90):

Dyson is lying amid the ruins of his dream.  Sprawled on
the floor, he has his back propped up against the desk.
He is bathed in his own blood, which runs out in long
fingers across the tiles.  His breathing is shallow and
raspy.  He still holds the book, trembling, above the

In his lap is the picture from his desk.  He has pulled it
from the debris next to him.  A tear trickles from his
eye.  His wife and children smile up at him through broken

DYSON'S POV-- He sees only the picture.  WE PUSH IN
SLOWLY.  The sounds from outside are fading... megaphones,
the helicopter, distant sirens, all become fainter...
replaced by a ROARING SOUND which swells as the image of
the picture grows dark.  Darker and darker, the blackness
rushing at us now with the sound of thunder.  It gets
louder and LOUDER.  Like a black train pounding at us,
only it is a rolling cloud of red and black... blood-red
fire boiling up through a cloud-mass black as iron.  It is
the cloud-column of a hydrogen bomb, FILLING FRAME,
shaking our senses with its power.

And then...
It begins to recede.  The thunder rolls away, dying into a
wind which is like the last winds of a great storm, ebbing
into a smooth breeze as the iron clouds swirl away, giving
way to an image of gauzy light.  As if behind a soft veil
we see--

Danny and Blythe running toward us, laughing, in slow
motion.  Tarissa is behind them, smiling.  They are in
bright sunlight, an image of motion and life, a slice of
memory so vivid and precious a man needs only this to face
eternity.  We see their hair blown by the wind, the wind
which blows through history now, changing it...

We tilt up into a pure blue sky until the sun comes into
frame, spearing straight into the lens with pure light and

CUT TO THE PUPIL OF HIS EYE, the sun becoming a glint of
light in that pupil, as we do a SNAP-PULLBACK to see Miles
Dyson at the moment of death.  His face is almost blank,
his gaze fixed, seeing what we cannot see, seeing a future
which has changed... there is the faintest hint of a
smile, the instant the light fades from his eyes and he is
His arm drops and the book hits the switch...
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