Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Inmate's cell
T2 omitted scene

Scene description
During her escape through Pescadero, Sarah hides in an inmate's cell.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Sarah ducking into a fellow inmate's cell was never filmed; it was an unnecessary beat of action that would have required a redressed cell and an additional actress, taking valuable production time away from the filming of more crucial scenes.



Terminator 2 script, Revised final shooting script:
68      SARAH, moving like a ghost in the darkened corridor, hears footsteps
        coming and quietly but quickly unlocks a cell next to her with
        Douglas' master key.
68A     She slips into the cell and waits as the footsteps pass.
        We glimpse the T-1000/Guard pass the window.
        She waits as the footsteps fade away.  She looks over.  A female
        inmate, strapped to a bed, watches her with bird-like eyes.  She puts
        a finger to her lips -- SSHHH.  The inmate nods.  Sarah exits.
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