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Alana Curry, the girl who plays Bill Anderson's girlfriend Tammy Triggs, tells about a cut scene:

In this article (May 28, 2003), Alana Curry talks with TheArnoldFans about the rating of Terminator 3.
Alana Curry: "Jonathan is very conservative. Originally the wardrobe stylist wanted to have me in a bathing suit, (we're near a pool) and then because Jonathan didn't want to show too much skin, they decided on the outfit below, which you can't tell but I still am wearing the bathing suit underneath that outfit."

Near a pool? There wasn't a pool scene in the movie.

Alana tells more in a later interview with TheArnoldFans (May 13, 2004):
"...There was a lot more than just a lot of screaming, that we filmed that for some reason didn't make it in the movie. The audience wouldn't even know from the final cut that we were at a pool party. We were at a beautiful house in the hills with a gorgeous pool, and none of the footage made it in. I bet nobody could tell, but I was wearing a bathing suit under my clothes in the scene, to match the rest of the footage that we shot.

There were several other complete segments of our scene that were not shown at all. First off, like I said, we were at a pool party. The pool was right outside the living room where we were watching TV. There were a bunch of extras outside in bathing suits swimming and hanging out. And it was really cold (it was during the middle of the night) and I remember thinking I'm glad I'm here inside where it's warm. We filmed a little segment with this robotic dog. I didn't really understand it all when we were filming. My boyfriend in the film, Bill Anderson, is one of the TX's targets that she wants to kill. So it would make sense that he would have built high tech robotic type stuff. Anyway, we did a scene where I was playing with this robotic dog, and there was a technician operating it off camera. I think he was very worried that I was going to break it or something.

Then there was more that we filmed after the TX shoots Bill. What was supposed to happen was that after she shoots him, she heads upstairs to kill Elizabeth Anderson (Bill's sister). While she does this I run to Bill's side and cry over his lifeless body. Then I hear her upstairs and I take off running out of the house. Apparently, they never ended up filming the scene upstairs with the sister."

Reason cut

More scenes of Bill and his girlfriend.

According to Alana Curry it was filmed.
This sequence appears in the novelization by David Hagberg, although a pool party is not mentioned. In the novel it's just Bill and his girlfriend Tammy. In the movie however, you can see people in the background and it does indeed look like some pool party. The robotic dog can also be seen on the left side when Bill and Tammy are watching the news broadcast.


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