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Deleted scenes

T-X kills Elizabeth Anderson
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
The T-X kills Bill Anderson. Then she goes upstairs to kill his sister Elizabeth who is playing a computer game.
Alana Curry, the girl who plays Bill Anderson's girlfriend Tammy Triggs, tells about this cut scene in an interview with TheArnoldFans (May 13, 2004):
"...Then there was more that we filmed after the TX shoots Bill. What was supposed to happen was that after she shoots him, she heads upstairs to kill Elizabeth Anderson (Bill's sister). While she does this I run to Bill's side and cry over his lifeless body. Then I hear her upstairs and I take off running out of the house. Apparently, they never ended up filming the scene upstairs with the sister."

Reason cut
In the T3 forum Mostow interview, director Jonathan Mostow told the fans about this rumoured scene:
"I decided not to shoot because I thought it would be redundant. We already see the T-X kill her brother."

It seems only the first part of this scene has been filmed (according to Alana Curry), in which the T-X head upstairs after brutally killing Bill Anderson, while his girlfriend cries over Bill's lifeless body. The killing scene upstairs was eventually not filmed according to director Jonathan Mostow.



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