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Carl's Sunglasses
TDF alternate scene

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In the final cut, Carl picks up the sunglasses and glanced at them, before putting them back and not putting them on. However an alternate scene was filmed in which they put them on.

Dark Fate allowed Holkenborg to reteam with his Deadpool director Tim Miller and gave the composer a front-row seat to the debates that went into crafting the film. Nostalgia was heavy in the air on set, which saw Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger share scenes together for the first time since 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The creative team worked to find the right balance between fan service and charting something new.

Schwarzenegger himself vetoed a moment in the script that would have called for his T-800 to don sunglasses that have become synonymous with the character.

“In the script, Arnold walks up to the mirror in the leather jacket and picks up the sunglasses and puts them on,” Holkenborg tells THR. “Arnold was very clear that he didn’t think the T-800 would do that.”

Miller shot the scene both ways, but in the theatrical cut, Schwarzenegger leaves the sunglasses behind per the actor's note.

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The Hollywood Reporter interview with Tom Holkenborg aka JunkieXL.

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