Hope Of The Future
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Original screened cut - the reshoots
TDF deleted scene

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In the screened cut, the screen was black with only hearing Sarah's voice from the Pescadero recording. In the final cut, we actually see the footage.
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "We actually see Sarah’s talk with Silberman about her nightmare intercut with the opening logos. Originally, we just heard her voice."

More talk between John and Sarah before John is being killed. Also a different narration by Sarah Connor.
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "In the opening bar scene, John and Sarah no longer talk. John is already at the bar as the scene starts, then Carl appears. (Her voiceover has some minor differences too - “I saved three billion lives, but I couldn’t save the one that mattered most” becomes “I saved three billion lives, but I couldn’t save my son.”)"

The scene between Grace and Dani in which Dani wants to run to the police was originally not present in the first cut.
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "After stealing Sarah’s SUV, Grace stops the car as her metabolism starts to crash. Dani sees police and wants to hail them. Grace convinces her not to. (It’s in this scene Grace actually uses the term Terminator, so they changed it from the first cut where she doesn’t know what that is. It seems Legion just also calls their units Terminators, and Future Dani later talks about H-Ks)."

A new scene between Dani and Sarah about talking about Dani's dead father and brother. My guess this was done to replace the original scene in which she was mourning.
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "There’s an extra Sarah/Dani scene in the motel room. Dani wants to bury her father and brother. Sarah says it does nothing for the dead and nothing for the survivors. They need to move on."

Originally the REV-9 was trailing after our heroes instead of being ahead of them. He visited an internet cafe and the house of Dani's uncle Felipe (reddit user says Theo but I believe he means Felipe).
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "The Rev-9 tracking the group to the border station has been tweaked. Instead of being behind them, with scenes at a cafe before they hopped the train and at Dani’s Uncle Theo’s house, the Rev-9 hacks a surveillance installation and sees the end of their line is Laredo, TX. He then hits a border station, murdering everyone there, and hacks a drone. I feel this was done to make the Rev-9 seem ahead of the group instead of one step behind them."

The original cut didn't have the scene outside Carl's house of Sarah crying for forgetting John's face.
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "After Dani and Grace stop Sarah from shooting Carl, there’s a new scene where Dani finds Sarah sitting outside. Sarah’s crying. She says she doesn’t have any pictures of John. She thought if Skynet didn’t know what John looked like, he would be safe. And now she’s beginning to forget his face.

The original cut didn't have our heroes questioning Carl's relation with a human woman.
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "At Carl’s, Sarah quizzes him more about how his relationship with his wife and son. (“She couldn’t tell you weigh 400 pounds?”) Carl says it isn’t a physical relationship. She appreciated someone who could change diapers, and he insists he’s hilarious."

The original cut had different future war flashbacks. Also Dani's look was different, her hair was more alike Edward Furlong's hair. See picture.
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "There’s a new flashback (split over two parts of the movie) of young Grace in the future. She’s attacked by a group of men who think she has food. Dani (who’s looked has been completely changed - no more Edward Furlong hair, now she has a battle-appropriate set of corn rows and pony tail) saves Grace and tells the attacking group they should be fighting together. They go outside to see soldiers hidden everyone in the rubble. Dani has started uniting the survivors of Judgment Day (yes, Grace uses that term, though she also did in the initial cut)."

The original cut had a Sarah/Dani voiceover.
Quote reddit ViewerAnon: "In the last scene, the final Sarah/Dani voiceover has been eliminated. Dani hops in the jeep and tells Sarah that she won’t let Grace die for her again. Sarah says she’ll need to be ready, and they drive off and the movie ends."

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Reddit user ViewerAnon was was at the test screening and final screening.
Also internet cafy photos from laverdad.
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