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Terminator 3 Trailer - "Apocalypse"
Judgment Day has come
Humanity will fall
And the Machines will rise

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When the first trailer was released, many people were not happy with it (including me). The trailer was not satisfying enough. I then decided to make my own trailer, but I took me a while to realise it, because I could not capture the sounds good enough. I also missed some scenes that I wanted to use in my trailer, like the scene with John on the bridge.
The trailer was completely finished at August 15 2003.

I called this trailer the Apocalypse Trailer, because the trailer creates an emotional and dramatic/epic feeling. Especially when the Terminator Theme sets in and the future scenes are shown. The Apocalypse shows the unevitable fall of mankind and the rise of an underestimated enemy; the machines.

The intro is made like the Comic Con footage, which I unfortunately never have seen. I have read descriptions of that trailer, and I made a same intro for my fanmade trailer. Also, John Connor does the voice-over in this trailer.

If you listen carefully, you can hear a very different "All militairy systems have been infected"-line. This is not the version from the original trailers, but was completely created by myself. I couldn't capture the sound of the trailer version nog good enough. Also, the sounds of the electrical sparks on the T-850 at the arrival scenes aren't the sounds from the trailer. I used the sounds of the time sphere of Terminator 2 in this piece

Video used
T3 First Teaser
T3 First Trailer
T3 International Trailer
T3 Domestic Trailer
T3 Superbowl Spot
T3 Second Japanese Trailer
T3 HBO Special
T3 Press Kit
T3 Bootleg

Music used
1. Brand X - Armageddon - used in the scenes with John on his motorcycle.
2. Marco Beltrami - A Day In The Life - used in the scenes with John at the construction site and on the bridge.
3. Brad Fiedel - The Terminator Arrival - used shortly when the nukes fall.
4. Justin R Durban - 2nd Edgen Terminator Theme - used when the Endoskeleton's head comes back online 'till the narrator says the title of the movie.

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