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Terminator 3 Teaser - "They Will Rise"
Next summer
They wil rise...

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To complete my T3 trailer serie, I created a Teaser. You should view as this is the first footage you see of T3.

The silhouette should create a mystery-feeling of "who is that?" Before you can see the figure, the image fades away.
Then, with "NEXT SUMMER," we see that our world is under attack of missiles. What the hell is going on?
Then a flying machine appears. Some of the audience, not too familiar with the Terminator saga (or its new design) will still not know what kind of movie this is.
Then we see a young man. It looks like he has to carry to weight of the world on his shoulder, even at such young age. A troubled look on his face tells us there's something wrong.
A flash of a damaged Arnold Schwarzenegger-face for the tension, but I didn't want to reveal much for a teaser. The flash showed us that he isn't human (since a human could not have survived that much damage). So it stays with a short flash.
And then ofcourse the title to reveal the movie. HE'S BACK!!

Video used
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - Movie

Music used
1. Brand X Music - Armageddon

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