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Terminator 4 Teaser - "When Darkness Falls..."
When Darkness Falls
Down On Man
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With the creation of the storyboard sequences for my Terminator 4 Trailer, I came up with a funny idea for a Terminator 4 Teaser, and finally made it.

With my fanmade T4 teaser, I tried to create an emotional feeling about the dramatic future and as John being a leader in a world he desperately tried to prevent.
Most teasers run about 1:10, just like my own teaser. I know this is short, but a Teaser is something different than a Trailer.

Teaser trailers are typically released several months to a year before the advent of a film. Typically, they contain few (if any) scenes from the movie, and rarely are there any special effects. The purpose of a teaser is to prime the audience for what's coming -- to make them aware that a particular title is on its way. Because the whole point of the teaser is to build name recognition and create a sense of expectancy, only the biggest or most anticipated movies are given this treatment.

Then there's the "regular" Trailer, which can be anything from an anticipation-builder to a virtual synopsis of the entire film. These trailers, which typically arrive in theaters anywhere from a couple of months to a week before the movie opens, are filled with scenes and special effects from the finished (or nearly- finished) product.

I followed the general things we see with most teasers nowadays, and thus I didn't use much footage. The duration is also short and the teaser doesn't give away much, but builds up the tension (with the tune). All this is to tease the audience and make them interested in the movie.
I tried to create a litle bit of "shock" effect when the Terminator drums play. I hope it worked. I know some people will find this promotional short, but I have a feeling that because it is short, it teases the viewer(s) more. Epecially the part after John on the destroyed Aerial Hunter-Killer seems (too) short for some people, but I think it's better this way to achieve a better influence.

Video used
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - Movie
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Teaser "Building the perfect Arnie"

Music used
1. TCM - Theme from the Terminator - I didn't use the theme unfortunately (which is one of the best versions ever made), but I took the last 3 seconds of this song, reversed them and slowed it down to create that tune that increases in volume during the teaser.

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