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Terminator's arrival
T1 deleted scene

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According to CameronBlogspot from James Cameron FanPodcast:
I'm about 90% certain that I know where this is from....and about 98% why it was deleted.

Terminator's arrival was re-shot entirely. On the DVD Easter eggs, Mark Goldblatt talks about them re-shooting the scene with the punks, purportedly because there was bad acting. This was done long after the completion of principal photography, with Cameron's own money and without Adam Greenberg as the cinematographer.

So, they re-shot that scene at Griffith Observatory. Assuming that it was not originally shot there, then that means that they now had a more dramatic "chilling" shot of Terminator: that of him overlooking Los Angeles from Los Angeles. This made the close-up of his eyes extraneous.

It was probably originally filmed at a schoolyard, just like in all drafts of the screenplay. Then, Cameron and Hurd probably got permission to shoot at Griffith Observatory.

Here's Cameron's substitute D.P., Donald Jackson, talking about it:
"My involvement in The Terminator came on the 4th of July 1983 [Note: he obviously meant 1984], when Jim called me up and asked if I would like to shoot something for him. He was not happy with The Terminator and wanted to shoot some additional scenes. As the money from the production company had stopped coming, he had to pay for this out of his own pocket. What ended up happening is that I shot the opening scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to the past and is naked at the Observatory in Los Angeles. I also shot several other scenes in the movie.
One funny story is: At one point, the union crew was due for their lunch and didn't want to keep lighting the scene. Jim was worried about having to pay Arnold overtime. So, he asked me if there was anything I could do. We got a small portable light, known as a "Mini Cool," out of the truck of my car and I had Jim hold it and pan it as Arnold walked through the scene. We got the shot, Arnold got to go home without being paid overtime, and the movie was completed."


Reason cut


The shot of the eyes appears in the trailer.

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