Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Night repairs
T2 deleted scene

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Scene description
After the Terminator says that he can't learn, because SKYNET switches the chips to read-only when it send Terminators back through time, John and Sarah 'operate' on the Terminator and get the chip. Sarah wants to destroy the chip, beacause she doesn't trust the Terminator. John shows some authority and says that they need the Terminator.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
One of the major lifts from the film was the entire head operation scene. The scene had been shot in its entirety and edited in, but was ultimately deemed unnecessary to the plot and was cut for time. To explain Terminator's ability to use human expressions later in the film, a bridging line of dialogue for Terminator was added in postproduction: "The more contact I have with humans, the more I learn."



Terminator 2 script, revised final shooting script:
                Can you learn?  So you can be... you know.
                More human.  Not such a dork all the time.

        Terminator turns towards him.

                My CPU is a neural-net processor... a learning
                computer.  But Skynet presets the switch to
                "read-only" when we are sent out alone.

                Doesn't want you thinking too much, huh?


                Can we reset the switch?

                                                CUT TO:

88      E.C.U. OF AN X-ACTO KNIFE cutting into Terminator's scalp at the base
        of his skull.  His voice calmly directs Sarah as she spreads the bloody
        incision and locates the maintenance port for the CPU in the chrome
        skull beneath.

                Now open the port cover.

        She wipes away the blood and uses the garage-mechanic's air tools to
        unscrew the port cover.

88A     TERMINATOR POV (DIGITIZED) as he watches her work in a mirror they've
        taken from the washroom.  Sarah and John are standing behind him.
        Her hands are covered with blood, like a surgeon's.

                Hold the CPU by its base tab.  Pull.

        Following the instructions, she reaches in with a pair of tweezers and
        PULLS -- there is a BURST OF STATIC and the screen goes BLACK.

                                                CUT TO:

89      TIGHT ON JOHN AND SARAH looking at what she has removed.  A reddish-
        brown ceramic rectangle with a connector on one end.  About the size
        and shape of a domino.  On close inspection it appears to be made up
        of small cubes connected together.  It is identical to the shattered
        one in the vault at Cyberdyne Systems.  Now we know it is that that
        Miles Dyson values so highly.  The brain of a terminator.

89A     WIDER.  John walks around Terminator and looks at his face.
        Eyes open, he is completely inert.  Dead.

        John lifts his huge hand.  The dead servos whine sullenly as he forces
        them.  It's like rigor mortis.  He releases the hand and it stays in
        the lifted position.  Sarah examines the CPU chip.

                Can you see the pin switch?

        She ignores him.  See looks at Terminator.
        The back at the chip.
        Then she sets it on the work table and picks up a small sledge hammer.
        John realizes what she is about to do.  Dives at her as the sledge is
        whistling down.


        He slaps his hand down over the chip.
        Sarah barely stops the sledge before smashing his fingers.

                Out of the way, John!

                No!  Don't kill him!

                It, John.  Not him.  It.

                Alright, it!  We need it!

        John keeps his hand right where it is.

                We're better off by ourselves.

                But it's the only proof we have to the future...
                about the war and all that.

                I don't trust it!  These things are hard to
                kill, John, believe me, I know.  We may never
                have this opportunity again.

                Look, Mom, if I'm supposed to ever be this great
                leader, you should start listening to my
                leadership ideas once in a while.  'Cause if you
                won't, nobody else will.

        Smart kid.  He's got her.  She nods, reluctantly.  He palms the chip
        and studies it minutely.

89B     John takes a pin and moves the almost invisible switch to the other
        It is now in "write" mode.  Then he grimaces as he inserts the wafer
        back into the slot in Terminator's skull.

89C     TERMINATOR VISION flares back to life in a burst of static.  The image
        forms.  Sarah and John stands behind him in the mirror.

                Was there a problem?

        John glances sheepishly at Sarah,  Then smiles at Terminator.

                No problem.  None whatsoever.

                                                CUT TO:
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