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T2 deleted scene

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Scene description
John tries to learn the Terminator how to smile.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Another of the major lifts from the film was the "smile" sequence at the roadside stand. Although the sight of Terminator trying to smile was on of the funniest moments in the film, the lead-up to that payoff was too long and hard to cut down, so the entire scene was omitted. The film now cuts from their station wagon pulling up to the roadside stand in Scene 96 to Sarah eating her hamburger in silence in Scene 98.
The roadside stand sequence was reduced to its essentials during the editing process. In tightening the film, the need to maintain the forward movement of the story --establishing the character's destination and motives now that they have escaped (temporarily) from the T-1000-- took priority over the more humorous attempts by John to teach Terminator how to be more "human"; this included the "smile" gag, which paid off in a big laugh but took over two minutes of valuable screen time to set up.

This scene is re-inserted back into the special edition version of T2.


Terminator 2 script, revised final shooting script:

        There's a gas pump and a sleazy fast-food stand.  Picnic tables are
        set up at the side of the food stand.  A family sits at one, children
        playing and running about.
96A     The pickup truck pulls into the lot.  Stops at the gas pump.
        Sarah turns to John.

                You got any cash?

        John pulls what's left of his Ready-Teller money from his pocket.

                Only a couple hundred bucks.  I'll give you

        Sarah grabs all of it.  Peels off a twenty, hands it to John.

                Get some food.

        She opens the truck door and steps out.  John turns to Terminator.

                No sense of humor.

97      THE ORDERING WINDOW as John and Terminator approach.

                And that's another thing.  You could lighten up
                a bit, yourself.  This severe routine is getting
                old.  Smile once in a while.


                Yeah.  Smile.  You know.  People smile, right?

        Goes to the order window.

                        (smiling broadly)
                Hi.  Nice place you got here.  How's business?

                                WINDOW WOMAN
                Gimme a break.

                        (to Terminator)
                Okay.  Bad example.  Over there, look.

        John points at THREE TEENAGE GUYS standing at a drinking fountain
        nearby.  One of them has said something funny and the others are
        laughing, grinning.

                Like that.

        TERMINATOR POV (DIGITIZED)  The real-time image continues while a
        replay of one of the guys grinning runs in a window.  It expands, so
        that the guy's mouth fills the window.  Replays again in slow motion.
        A vector-graphic of the lips smiling appears, along with an array of
        symbolic data.

        Terminator tries it.  The result is dismal.  A rictus-like curling of
        the lip.  Terminator's next effort is a marginal improvement.

                I don't know, maybe you could practice in front
                of a mirror or something.

                                                CUT TO:
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