Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Dyson - Meet the pilot
T2 deleted scene

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Scene description
The scene shows workaholic Dyson's obsession with the neural net processor. Dyson wants to make a better world with the processor. His wife Tarissa tells him that he has to spend more time with his son and daughter.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Another major lift from the film, the Dyson house introduction scene not only to developed the family aspect of Dyson's life but also fleshed out his character as an obsessed scientist caught blindly in the obsessive thril of discovery without acknowledging the dangerous ramifications of his works. The omission of this scene for time simplified the character but actually made more potent the later disruption of the family by Sarah, in that we infer that Dyson's relationship with his family as being close and idyllic rather than somewhat neglectful, as this scene portrays; fortunately, the essence of Dyson's character remains intact in Joe Morton's performance in Scene 137.

This scene is re-inserted back into the special edition version of T2.


Terminator 2 script, revised final shooting script:

        Miles Dyson sits at the huge desk in his study.  He is deep in
        thought, tapping away at the keyboard of his home computer terminal.
        Next to desk are racks of sophisticated gear.  On a Sunday morning,
        when most men are relaxing, spending time with their families, Dyson
        is hard at work.

        IN A PROFILE CLOSEUP we see him in deep concentration, his mind
        prowling the labyrinth of his new microprocessor.

        A WOMAN'S FACE ENTERS FRAME soundlessly behind him.  He doesn't hear
        her.  His wife, TARISSA, extends her tongue and traces it down the
        back of his neck.  He smiles and turns to kiss her good morning.
        She's still in her bathrobe, holding coffee.  He's been up for hours.
        He turns and goes back to work, forgetting instantly that she is
        standing there.

        She watches him work, the arcane symbols moving across the screen.
        We see her frustration, her inability to truly enter the magic box
        of his world.

                You going to work all day?

                I'm sorry, baby.  This thing is just kicking my
                ass.  I thought we had it with this one...

        He points to a metal box on his desk, about two feet long.  As
        assembly of small cubes.  It looks like a dinosaur version of
        Terminator's CPU.

                ... but the output went to shit after three
                seconds.  I'm thinking now it's the way I'm
                matrixing the command hierarchies...

                You need a break.  You'll see it clear when you
                come back.

                I can't

                Miles, it's Sunday.  You promised to take the
                kids to Raging Waters today.

                Oh.  I can't, honey.  I'm on a roll here.

        He takes her hands.  We see a childlike excitement in his face.  He
        wants so badly to share the almost orgasmic thrill of discovery,
        the satisfaction of creation.

                Baby, this thing is going to blow 'em all away.
                It's a neural-net process --

                I know.  You told me.  It's a neural-net
                processor.  It thinks and learns like we do.
                It's superconducting at room temperature.
                Other computer are pocket calculators by
                        (she pulls away from him)
                But why is that so goddamn important, Miles?
                I really need to know, 'cause I feel like I'm
                going crazy here, sometimes.

                I'm sorry, honey, it's just that I'm thiiis

        He holds up his thumb and index finger... a fraction of an inch apart.
        She picks up the prototype.  It doesn't look like much.

                Imagine a jetline with a pilot that never makes
                a mistake, never gets tired, never shows up to
                work with a hangover.
                        (he taps the prototype)
                Meet the pilot.

                Why did you marry me, Miles?  Why did we have
                these two children?  You don't need us.  Your
                heart and your mind are in here.
                        (she stares at the metal box
                        in her hands)
                But it doesn't love you like we do.

        He takes the anodized box from her hands and sets it down.  Then he
        puts his hands on her shoulders and kisses her gently.  She acquiesces
        to his kiss.

                I'm sorry.

        Tarissa glances over his shoulder.  She nods her head toward the
        doorway to the study.  Dyson turns and sees their two kids standing
        there.  Danny (6) and Blythe (4) look rumpled and adorable in their
        PJs.  Dyson wilts at their hopeful expressions.

                How about spending some time with your other

        Dyson grins. The forces of darkness have lost this round.  He holds
        out his hands and his kids run to him, cheering.

                                                CUT TO:
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