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Deleted scenes

Sarah & Enrique's Friendship
T2 deleted scene

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Scene description
Sarah tells Enrique to leave the place before the evening. It shows more of a stronger friendship.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
In the final film, this scene cuts right after Sarah's line about crossing the border; the hint of a stronger relationship between Sarah and Enrique in the performance of the subsequent dialogue was a nice moment, but ultimately did not contribute to the drive of the narrative and was cut.

This scene is re-inserted back into the special edition version of T2.


Terminator 2 script, revised final shooting script:

        Sarah emerges from a trailer.  She has changed.  Boots, black fatigue
        pants, T-shirt.  Shades.  She looks hard.
        Salceda is nearby, packing food and other survival equipment with
        Yolanda.  He looks up as Sarah approaches, and slaps the side of a
        BIG FOUR-BY BRONCO next to him,

                This is the best truck, but the water pump is
                blown.  You got the time to change it out?

                Yeah.  I'm gonna wait till dark to cross the
                        (she pulls him away from
                Enrique, it's dangerous for you here.  You get
                out tonight, too, okay?

                Yeah, Saralita.  Sure.
                        (he grins)
                Just drop by any time and totally fuck up my

        She slaps him on the shoulder.

                                                CUT TO:
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