Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Neural-net processor meets Dyson's axe
T2 deleted scene

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Scene description
While everybody prepares to destroy Cyberdyne, Miles destroys the neural-net processor with an axe.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Although the scenes of the characters ransacking the lab, gathering materials, and destroying equipment --in particular the shots of Terminator "reprogramming" many of Cyberdyne's computers with an axe-- were filmed, they were deemed unnecessary to the narrative (since they will be blowing up the entire lab anyway), and were cut from the picture. (...) Although filmed, the scene of Dyson destroying the prototype neural-net processor was omitted to streamline the narrative; with the omission of both the scenes showing the smashing of the other computer hardware and the previous scenes establishing the look of the processor, this scene became unnecessary; as it is, no one recognizes the processor since it is not featured prominently in other remaining scenes. Dyson thus comes off as more appropriately numbed and pensively resigned to their course of action, rather than gung-ho about destroying his life's work.

This scene is re-inserted back into the special edition version of T2.


Terminator 2 script, revised final shooting script:
148B    Sarah goes into Dyson's office and starts hurling everything out the
        door onto the central junkpile... books, files, everything on the
        A FRAMED PHOTO of Dyson's wife and kids lands on top of the heap.
        Tarissa, hugging Danny and Blythe, all grinning.  The glass is

148C    Terminator cuts a swath, under Dyson's direction, exploding equipment
        into fragments with his inhuman swings.
        SMASH!  It's carnage.  Millions in hardware, and all irreplaceable
        fruits of their years of research... shattered, broken, dumped in a
        heap for the big bonfire of destiny.
        Dyson stops a second, panting.

                Give me that thing a second.

        Terminator hands him the axe.  Dyson hefts it one-handed.  He turns to
        a lab table... on it is another prototype processor.

                I've worked for years on this thing.

        Swinging awkwardly but with great force he smashes the axe down onto
        the processor prototype, exploding it into fragments.  His shoulder is
        agony, but he looks satisfied.
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