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Deleted scenes

T-X kills Scott
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
There are rumours about an extended death sequence of Kate Brewster's fiancee Scott Peterson/Mason, showing the T-X using her rotary saw burying into his face and killing him. And some more added shots of the T-X taking his form after hiding the body.

Mark Famiglietti, the actor who played Kate's fiancé Scott, tells exactly what was filmed for that scene in an interview with TheArnoldFans (May 13, 2004):
"There wasn't a death scene cut per say. We did shoot some stuff where after the death scene I was lying there bloody, and then Kristanna and I walked passed each other and that was going to potentially be a morphing moment. But those shots, and even the death scene as it turned out, were all sort of dependant on what went on in the editing room. Because at the end of the day it was really between Mostow and the ILM guys as to what their vision was with the special effects. They possibilities are endless with what they can create and add today."

The last pics shows this transformation from the T-X into Scott (keep in mind, pre-special-effects-shots).

Reason cut

Personally, I'm glad that this little sequence has been cut from the movie. It removes the surprise that suddenly Scott opens the door, while he just has been killed before. It's not necessary to show one of the T-X's morphing abilities at this point, because she later morphs back into her default female form.
I've added the first two pics because the first one isn't shown in the movie. In the movie, the T-X doesn't look over her left shoulder, only over her right one while her whole upper body turns to Scott. This shot isn't mirrored, because the background and the photograph are shown correctly.


The official T3 novel mentions this part:
T-X swiveled her torso 180 degrees to face Scott, who stared at her with incomprehension. She
reached over with one hand, almost gently caressing the man's face, before she lowered her hand,
thrust it deep into his chest, and destroyed his heart before he could utter a sound. He fell
back in a bloody heap.
T-X went to the bathroom where she fastidiously washed the blood from her hand as the front
doorbell rang.
She cocked her head, her sensors picking up electronic emissions from a plain sedan parked on
the street. Police frequency emissions.
She glanced at Scott's body, then headed to the living room, her body thickening, her clothing
melting away and changing so that by the time she opened the front door she had assumed the
infiltration mode of Scott Peterson, including the boxer shorts and T-shirt he wore for bed.
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