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Deleted scenes

"I was made here"
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
A sort of Sgt. Candy part 2. Just before the T-850 fights with the T-1 units, Robert Brewster recognizes the T-850 as Sgt. Candy. He asks the T-850, but he says he's not. Then Robert Brewster asks where he comes from, but the T-850 tells him he was made here (in CRS). Brewster suddenly remembers the the project with the Terminators, and thinks this is one of those new units.

Empire Magazine has published a set report around October 24 2002, in which they described a new oneliner for T3; "I was made here."
Empire Magazine reports:

"Arnie is in a snit. He's just stalked off the set of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines muttering ominously to himself and throwing the entire crew into a panic. "What just happened?" croaks an AD. What just happened is this: having done 10 or 12 takes of the same scene-walking down a corridor and delivering the single line, "I was made here" - the big guy has discovered he can't go straight into the next set-up because the cameraman is AWOL. Consequently, he's thrown a wobbler.
Empire has come to a mysterious studio in downtown LA, where T3 is shooting on a couple of vast soundstages. The aforementioned corridor is part of the SkyNet complex, design HQ for the Terminators-hence Arnies one liner. The set is suitably hi-tech-grey concrete walls, banks of blinking computer monitors with wires and cables snaking them up like vines."

Reason cut

Just my thoughts. After the omission of the promotional video with Sgt. Candy, this scene had to be omitted too, because the audience could not understand who Sgt. Candy is, without the previous scene.
The official T3 novel mentions a scene in which Robert Brewster remembers the face of Sgt. Candy when he sees the T-850, just before the T-1 unit fight scene. In the novel it's "I was build here", but this line was changed for the movie into "I was made here."


The official T3 novel mentions this part:
Brewster suddenly struggled to get his balance. To stand on his own two feet. "You're
Sergeant Candy," he blurted. 
Terminator took a quick look up the still empty corridor, then turned back. Brewster's
eyes widened. A small section of Terminator's metal cranial case was exposed. 
"Negative," Terminator answered. 
"Jesus--where did you come from?" 
"I was build here," Terminator said. 
He was one of the advanced cyborg warrior robots modeled after Sergeant Candy. Brewster
was certain of it. But what was so confusing to him was that the Sergeant Candy Terminator
model wasn't operational yet. Where did this one come from? 
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