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T-1 rampage
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
More scenes of the T-1 units killing people and searching for more targets, blocking every possible exit for human escape at CRS' Edwards Air Force Base.
The first pic shows the military trying to take down the T-1 Units outside CRS, the second pic shows the result in which the soldiers are killed. If you take a good look at both pics, you can see that they have the exact same location. The positions of the cars are in both pics exactly the same.
The third pic shows a T-1 Unit in an elevator, but without humans in front of it.

T3 forum memeber T900 102 posted interesting information about this scene on the official T3 forum:

"Months before T3 came out, there was a set report where the cast/crew were shooting a scene at an airport. Airport employees who witnessed the filming of the scene said they saw several animatronic bodies of soldiers and US Air Force personnel on the floor, and the T-1 robots were patrolling the area.
There was supposed to be a scene where the US military attempted to retake the complex, but the scene was never in the film. Hence, this simply cannot be the same sequence that the T-850 witnesses when he looks out the window, but it can however be a prelude to the scene I was talking about.
It kind of sucks that we never saw the exterior of CRS/Edwards Air Force Base. The T3 website has conceptual art of what the exterior of CRS looks like, and I gotta say, it looks awesome."

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