Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Argument in the mall
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
A second part of shopping scene in the mall. Kate and Scott are having an argument about visiting Kate's father Robert Brewster. This little scene also shows that virus is already active and taking down systems one by one.

Reason cut

I noticed this pic of Scott with the clipboard, making notes, and I immediately remembered the second part in the mall where Kate and Scott are having an argument. Looking at the pic and the description in the novel, I think there's a big chance that this little part was also filmed. Not only provides this more background information that the virus was already active, but it shows also that Kate is willing to go to see her father at CRS, which happens later in the movie.
I personally have the feeling that this second mall sequence is partly in the movie. Like described in the novel (see bottom of this page), Kate turns away and looks at a picture of a happy married couple. This part is in the movie, and if you look at the background, you can see Scott walking away. I honestly think that this small part is part of a bigger filmed scene, like described below, not only because of the picture of Scott with the clipboard (which is not from the movie), but also that after her father says goodbye, Kate is suddenly without a cellphone, and her doubts for marriage seem to appear suddenly from out of nowhere. With this small sequence happening before her doubts, it makes perfect sense why she suddenly has these doubts.


The official T3 novel mentions this part:
Los Angeles

"One day, it's all I'm asking, Scott," Kate tried to convince her fiancé. "It's no big deal.
A couple hours out, a couple hours back. We'll be home in time to go out to dinner or something."
"I'm sorry, the computers are down," a clerk apologized, coming up to where they stood. She
was an older woman in a stern business suit, glasses perched on her nrrow nose, a gold chain
from the sterns aroud her neck. "And we're closing soon. Just write out your choices, and
I'll input them into the registry in the morning."
"Okay, thanks," Scott said, taking the clipboard from her. She gave both of them a smile,
then left.
Scott turned on Kate. He was mildly irritated, which for scott was something. "I can't
believe you told the general we'd drive all the way out to Mojave. Is this so he can show
me how important he is?"
Kate touched his arm, a conciliatory gesture. "It won't be so bad."
Scott looked away to make sure no one was observing what he would afterward call one of
their little "tiffs." "It's just, I wanted to meet him on my own tuf, you know?"
Kate turned away, irritated too. She didn't want to fight with Scott over her father. Not
tonight. Maybe not ever. She picked up a brass picture frame with a photo of a romantic couple 
strolling hand-in-hand along a deserted beach in the moonlight.
"Yeah, sure," she muttered in answer to Scott's question. She didn't want to fight with him
tonight. So, what did that say about their future?
She didn't know. She didn't know anything. And that was a terribly bleak prospect for her
just now.
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