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T-X phonecall
T3 miscelleanous scene

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Scene description
In the novelization, the T-X finds the cellphone because someone calls the person she just killed minutes ago. It's the lady's man asking where she is.

Reason cut

I personally have the feeling that this little part was also filmed, but deleted. Since I'm not sure, I posted it in the miscelleanous section instead of the deleted scenes section. I gives a good explanation how the T-X finds that cellphone in the lady's purse. But I have another feeling why this can be filmed. It gives the director a very short scene to show one of the Terminator's famous abilities; the mimicking of human voices.


The official T3 novel mentions this part:
She dropped it into drive and sped off, peeling rubber as she accelerated,
a map of the Los Angeles freeway system  appearing in her head-up display.
The telephone rang. T-X answered it, perfectly imitating Nancy Nebel's voice. "Hello?"
A man came on. "Honey, I'm at the restaurant, where are--"
T-X broke the connection. An extremely rapid string of numbers crossed her display,
which she entered on the cell phone's keypad, her fingers moving faster than any
human's could move.
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