Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes


DELETED SCENES  The original 3rd act (Project Angel)
 Priest in Marcus' cell
 John Connor opening narration
 John Connor with soldiers (Terry Crews)
 T-1 Unit surprise attack
 Conversation soldiers about John Connor
 Human prisoners
 Extended radio contact
 Inside the resistance's submarine part 1: Fate at gunpoint
 Inside the resistance's submarine part 2: T-800
 More conversation between John and Kate
 Marcus wandering around
 More of the T-600
 Kyle drives the car
 Marcus by car
 Len is killed (7-11 guy)
 Marcus under hanging Blair
 Extended fight with thugs
 Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood) topless
 Extended campfire scene
 John and Kate talk about the Marcus
 Conversation about Star inside Transport
 Skynet processing humans
 T-600 at prison camp
 Prisoner shot
 Extended John Connor speech
 Extended John Connor speech part 2
 Extended goodbye John/Kate (Kate's pregnancy / "Win or lose, this war ends tonight")
 Conversation between John and Barnes
 Marcus sneaking into Skynet
 John drives MotoTerminator to Skynet Central
 Hybrid Male (Greg Plitt)
 Hybrid Serena
 Hybrids at Skynet Central
 "This is the end of humanity"
 Kyle and Marcus inside Skynet Central
 Other T-600 inside Skynet Central
 Virginia fights a T-600
 T-800 uses T-600's gattling gun
 Extended fight Marcus vs T-800
 Extra shock Marcus
 Prison break
 Kyle burying Marcus and finding Sarah's Polaroid
 Judgment Day
 T-600 appearance face
 T-600 destroyed
 Aerostat TermoVision
 Harvester grabbing human
 John Connor interrogates Marcus ("Devil's hands have been busy" & Marcus' face)
 Marcus throwing chair
 Alternate T-800 face
 The T-800 kicks Marcus' ass
 Kate screaming John
OMITTED SCENES  Alternate ending - Marcus becomes John Connor
 Alternate ending - Marcus becomes John Connor and kills everyone
 Stan Winston wrestling a hybrobot
MISCELLEANOUS  The reshoots of Terminator Salvation
RUMOURS  Rumoured scenes

Created by , 2001+