Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

More gross damage to Carl
TDF alternate scene

Scene description
Originally Carl was in a worst shape when fighting the REV-9. Flesh was hanging from his body, before it was thought to be too gross. In an interview with USA Today:

Schwarzenegger's Terminator grabs the still-lethal Rev-9 and pulls him into a deep pit, which mortally wounds him as the fall pushes spikes through his chest. But he holds down the Rev-9, which tries to escape to complete its kill mission – even gruesomely ripping off Carl's skin in an attempt to remove the hold. It's gnarly. But Miller says he had originally filmed more explicit skin-ripping shots.

"We had to walk the line between gross and horrific," he says. "We had shot the Rev-9 ripping the flesh off (Carl's) arm, and it was hanging like a big piece of jerky. But we took that out. That’s where we drew the line."

Carl's hold never falters, keeping Rev-9's final circuit overload and explosion from impacting Dani and Sarah.

Reason cut



Tim Miller interview by Bryan Alexander for USA Today.

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