Hope Of The Future
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End fight reshoots
TDF alternate scene

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Tim Miller explains in an interview with Befores and Afters that they have done reshoots for the ending to give Arnold a more emotional send off:

Tim Miller: The opening flashback was the very last sequence to get done and the hardest. That said, because we did some reshoots for the ending giving Arnold a bigger moment and a more poignant death we really had to hustle to pull that all together. There were a BUNCH of very challenging shots at the end that ILM had to pull together in a very short amount of time. It was really incredible to see some very complex shots come together in a very short amount of time. Hats off to all the VFX artists there as well as the artists and the supervisors at all our vendors they all busted their asses and did a fantastic job.

Looking at the 2 pics I have found, this is Dani Ramos hanging onto the edge in that turbines room. She looks down terrified and my feeling is that someone (Grace? Carl?) has sacrificed herself in order to protect Dani when she was almost dragged down to her dead by the REV-9. Just my guess.

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Tim Miller interview by Ian Failes for Befores and Afters.

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