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Tim Miller explains in an interview wthat they filmed alternate endings, including Sarah/Dani at Grace's grave. Another alternate ending had them sending off Grace's body like some kind of Viking's funeral. Read this part from an interview with io9:

“The playground scene at the end was a pretty late edition,” Tim Miller said. “It was funny because we had had so many different versions of the ending. Most of them were fairly heavy. It was Sarah and Dani at Grace’s grave as they buried her. Or some kind of Viking funeral as they pushed her body down the river and she burned or whatever. And I said, ‘I’m all for the heavy, dramatic ending. But Grace is still alive out there in the world. And why wouldn’t Dani go and see her?’ And everybody went, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea.’ And then the conscious homage was the playground. I thought what better way to say ‘There’s still a chance to fix this’ then than that. It’s just such a potent icon for Sarah that I thought it would have meaning.”

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Tim Miller interview by io9.

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