Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

Future war flashback - Dani sending back Grace
TDF deleted scene

Scene description
Oiginally there was a scene of Dani sending back Grace to the present.
I quote io9's interview with Tim Miller:

"Who gave Grace her tattoo?
Grace explains that her commander put a tattoo of Carl’s location on her so she wouldn’t forget and Miller confirmed, yes, that commander is Dani. In fact, there’s a deleted scene of Dani sending Grace back in time that will be on the DVD."

Speaking of commanders, who was the commander Grace was trying to get back to base and why was it so important?
If she was referring to Dani when talking about the tattoo (Natalia Reyes also told us she believes that), it seems more than likely the commander Grace was referring to and protecting in the future was also Dani. That also explains her passion about it. She and Dani are very close.

So did Dani consciously send Grace to die?
Yes, in a way, but Miller isn’t happy about it.
“I always have a little bit of a problem with Dani sending Grace to die,” he said. “We set up this whole [story] where Grace is kind of Dani’s surrogate child and a mother sending her child to die for her is just...yeah, I had a different scene in mind.”

Reason cut



Tim Miller interview by io9.
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