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Sarah explaining killing many terminators
TDF deleted scene

Scene description
Oiginally the scene of Sarah explaining she killed 2 terminators in the past was longer, and it turns out she has killed more time traveling Terminators.
I quote io9's interview with Tim Miller:

So what happened to the other Terminators that came back before the events of the movie?
Dark Fate reveals that in the years since John’s murder, Sarah Connor has been getting texts with GPS coordinates of Terminators who come through time. Miller explained those Terminators are more of the “slow bullets” Skynet sent to kill John Connor and Sarah took care of them all.
“In the movie, as it currently stands, Sarah mentioned killing two of them,” Miller said. “Originally, that scene had slightly more talk of killing and there were more. [I wanted to make it] explicit that Sarah killed these things. She’d find out where the time bubbles were going to appear. She’d be waiting and she’d fuck ‘em up.”

Tim Miller also mentions this extended scene during an interview with Collider:
In the car, she references killing 2 of them. And then it happened again, and again.

Reason cut



Tim Miller interview by io9.
Tim Miller/Gabriel Luna interview by Steven Weintraub for Collider.
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