Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

Fight against federallies / crossing the border
TDF deleted scene

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Scene description
A longer scene of our heroes trying to cross the border, with a lot more action!

When the drone is following the gang when they are crossing the border, after Grace says "We gotta move", the group moves to another rock and comes under fire from some federallies. Grace starts shooting federales that the REV9 is sending to kill them. It becomes a running fight. Sarah takes out one. Grace does accrobatic moves to kill a few more. Dani tells she doesn't want them to die so they switch over to leg shots.
Als there's a bigger deal of them crossing the river as a helicopter appears and Grace shoots the lights out. They shoot all the way to the border wall.
Estimated runtime by Tim Miller is about 2 1/2 minutes of footage.

Reason cut



Tim Miller/Gabriel Luna interview by Steven Weintraub for Collider.
Created by , 2001+