Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

Carl's cellphone app
TDF deleted scene

Scene description
It seems Carl built a phone app (possible to detect the timetravellers arrivals):
“There was a much, much longer piece there where [Carl] actually built a cell phone app,” Miller said. “We had this whole scene where he shows it to Dani and is like, ‘See, I did the graphics myself.’” Cameron wrote the scene, but it was cut because the humor didn’t balance with the serious tone of Sarah meeting the killer of her son. It may end up on the DVD, though, and worked to further explain this mystery signal.
“Jim said all these cell phone signals go out and they’re all built off some sort of synchronized time signal. And he had this idea that an incoming time wave from the future glitches these signals before the event,” Miller explains. “And that’s what [Carl] says. He says it’s a signal recognizable before the event...It’s sending a signal ahead of when it actually gets there and then he built a simple device that they can pinpoint where and when that’s going to happen.”

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Tim Miller interview by io9.
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