Hope Of The Future
Deleted Scenes

REV-9 visiting internet cafe
TDF deleted scene

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Scene description
In order to track our heroes, the REV-9 visits an internet cafe. Seems after acquiring the info it needed, the REV-9 walks away with paying or so, as the waitress is holding up something.

Reason cut
Quote reddit ViewerAnon about the difference with the final cut compared to the first screened cut: "The Rev-9 tracking the group to the border station has been tweaked. Instead of being behind them, with scenes at a cafe before they hopped the train and at Daniís Uncle Theoís house, the Rev-9 hacks a surveillance installation and sees the end of their line is Laredo, TX. He then hits a border station, murdering everyone there, and hacks a drone. I feel this was done to make the Rev-9 seem ahead of the group instead of one step behind them."



Reddit user ViewerAnon was was at the test screening and final screening.
Also internet cafe photos from laverdad.
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