Hope Of The Future

The Attraction

James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger

This attraction marks the first time ever a combination of 3D cinematography, digital composite computer graphics and explosive live stunt work have been combined in one entertainment experience.

The 12-minute film features all-new footage shot exclusively for the Terminator 2 3D attraction. Production took place in a deserted steel mill in Eagle Mountain in Desert Center, California, taking over two weeks of all-night shooting.

The film was shot on 65mm film and was printed on 70mm film. Two 70mm projectors are used for each screen (one for the left eye image, and one for the right eye image), meaning that six projectors are needed for the three screens used in the attraction. The film runs at the increased frame-rate of 40 frames per second (normal movies run at 24 fps) to increase the audience's perception of the reality of the film / live action blend.

Directorial chores were broken down as follows: James Cameron providing the overall vision and handling scenes involving the primary actors; Stan Winston guiding the "Terminator" characters he had created through much of their performance and John Bruno manning the camera for many of the big action scenes involving explosions.

Computer graphics house Digital Domain, whose special effects work can be seen in Jurassic Park and Apollo 13, created all of the digital composite imagery in the film.

More than 100 miles of cable is woven throughout the attraction to activate the various audio, video, computer network and show support systems.

The attraction has a seating capacity of 700 guests and can accommodate up to 2400 guests per hour.

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