Hope Of The Future

The Audio System

The Terminator 2 3D attraction features a state-of-the-art sound system created by Soundelux that pumps a total of 45,620 Watts through 159. It is the most technically advanced system in the world and serves as a showplace for audio enthusiastics across the globe.

All processing gear for the attraction's audio system are found within one master computer system. All connections and configurations are made on-screen utilizing computer software that has never been seen before.

The audio computer system allows audio engineers to modify and construct new audio configurations simply by drawing them on a computer screen instead of the time-consuming re-wiring required by a conventional system.

The shows in Universal Studios Holywood and Japan have additional sound effects, like John yelling when he jumps into the Time-machine and more sounds with the explosion of the building.

The audio systems and mixing in Universal Studios Hollywood and Japan is more advanced and improved then the system in Universal Studios Florida.

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