Hope Of The Future

The Cinebotic Figures

Originally, Universal Studios planned to feature in the attraction the chrome T-800 Endoskeletons seen in the Terminator motion picture. However, after consulting with director James Cameron, they discovered that the T-800's come from the future (around 2029) and therefore could not exist in the attraction in the present day. As a result, Cameron designed, exclusively for this attraction, the T-70 robot, a totally new, more primitive series of the mechanical soldier.

These sophisticated robots are comprised of a high carbon steel sub-structure and are covered with a fireproof polyresin/glass fiber.

These animated figures off a wide range of cinebotic motions including movement in their arms, torse and head. The movements are a compilation of both simple digital and advanced compliant analog motions.

A hydraulic plumbing system, driven by 25-hp motors and capable of producing over 3000 psi fluid pressure, is utilized to move the cinebotic figures quickly and precisely as orchestrated by the show computer.

Each of the attraction's cinebotic T-70 cyborg soldiers stand eight feet tall and are more than four feet wide.

The shows in Universal Studios Florida and Japan feature six T-70 robots, while Universal Studios Hollywood features four.

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