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These are the Cyberdyne Product Posters that are displayed in the queue area of Universal Studios Hollywood's Terminator 2 3D.

The Series T-70 Autonomous Infantry Unit
Probe 2000

Thanks to JDK for taking pictures of these posters on my request.

We're working to make armed combat safer and easier.

Terminator 2 3D Cyberdyne Product Poster

"Relax and leave the fighting to us"

The Cyberdyne Series T-70 Autonomous Infantry Unit will replace human troops in all combat situations. Powered by Cyberdyne's patented Skynet® technology, these versatile fighting machines make their own 85% error-free decisions under fire. No wonder we call them "The Terminators."

Standard Features:
• Motion-Tracking Laser Designators
• 500 Rounds per minute
• Travels up to 2 km between recharges°
• Battleship Gray or Apache Green
If you're in the military procurement industry, call Cyberdyne today to schedule a private demonstration.°° We guarantee an experience you'll never forget.

°Your mileage may vary.
°°Certain export restrictions apply. Ask your Cyberdyne representative for a list of U.S. Government-approved nations.


PROBE 2000
The family doctor that always makes house calls

Terminator 2 3D Cyberdyne Product Poster

"Say aaah"

Everyone agrees. Todayís health care costs are out of control. Doctors overcharge. So do insurance companies. Whatís a family to do? Simple. Cut out the middleman.

Introducing Cyberdyne Probe2000™. The automated Home Doctor thatís on call 24 hours a day.

The Probe2000 replaces you medicine cabinet. One simple daily examination provides helpful information on eighteen standard health indicators, plus diagnosis of 410 common diseases. The unit dispenses helpful medical advice, along with a variety of common prescription medicines. And if you need additional care, the Probe2000 will refer you to a friendly physician from the Cyberdyne Health Savings Plan™. The result: most insurance companies accept the Probe2000ís diagnosis without question.

Contact you local HMO for information on the Probe2000. Ask for a free demonstration. And discover the future of health care.


Introducing Cyberdyne KidCollar

Terminator 2 3D Cyberdyne Product Poster

"Where's the baby dear?"

Itís a busy parentís greatest fear: losing track of a child.

At Cyberdyne Systems, we understand. Our new KidCollar™ watches your children, so you donít have to. Simply attach the terry-lined ClampTite® Collar around your little oneís tiny neck... activate the MasterTrak™ locator system... and relax. Sensors located near doors and windows stop your wandering tyke cold with a mildelectric discharge.°

So settle back. Read a book. Watch a movie. Take a nap.

Weíll do the worrying... so you donít have to.

°Charge is user-adjustable from 12 to 96 volts. Not recommended for children with heart conditions or bladder control problems. Consult your doctor or family clergyman for possible additional side-effects.


So your country can always find you

Terminator 2 3D Cyberdyne Product Poster

"Head count"

Introducing CyberCensus™. The result of an exciting new collaboration between Cyberdyne Systems and the U.S. Census Bureau.

It starts with the incredible IndentiChip®:
a tiny transmitter surgically implanted in the cerebellum of every U.S. Citizen at birth. Then Cyberdyne's revolutionary Skynet™ satellite network goes to work, recording the precise location, movements and activities of every man, woman and child in the country.°

Just imagine. Population figures update automatically. Law enforcement agencies instantly locate and apprehend suspects. Liquor stores no longer need to check IDs. Automatic Draft Registration. Continuous accurate IRS audits on every taxpayer.

And that's just the beginning. Soon, Cyberdyne will be able to gather demographic information on the entire U.S. populace. We'll know what you eat, who you call, where you sleep... and it'll be easier than ever for caring corporations to contact you with enticing offers for exciting new products and sevices.°°

CyberCensus. Wiring you for tomorrow.

° Pending government approval. Contact your congressperson and encourage him or her to vote "Yes" on SR 530-AJB, the Citizens' Observance Act.
°° In exchange for an undisclosed percentage of Cyberdyne's royalties, the Census Bureau will allow Cyberdyne to sell certain demographic data to select corporations, direct mail and telemarketing agencies.


The future of military recruiting

Terminator 2 3D Cyberdyne Product Poster

"Little Wesley just joined the marines"

PROBLEM: Todayís youth just isnít as excited about military service. Defense agencies are searching for top talent to operate the new generation of fighting machines. Machines designed and built by Cyberdyne Systems.

SOLUTION: Cyberdyne DraftBoy™. A revolutionary new recruiting system that spots hot young military talent before itís too late.

DraftBoy is a speciallogic board that can be installed inside any standard video arcade game. It monitors the playerís actions and reflexes, compiling data on 30 combatrelated attributes: targeting accuracy, tactical deployment, steadiness under fire and others. When a player matches DraftBoyís stringent criteria, a digital scanner in the joystick records the playerís fingerprints... a wireless modem alerts the Pentagon... and the young candidate is targeted for future enlistment.

Howís it going? Better than we dared dream. Initial results prove the most effective candidates are much younger than traditional recruits. So at Cyberdyneís suggestion, the Department of Defense is considering lowering the draft age to 12 1/2 years.°

So the next time your kids head for the arcade, tell them to play their very best. Uncle Sam may be watching.

° Pending Supreme Court review.


The Home Atomic Reactor from Cyberdyne Systems

Terminator 2 3D Cyberdyne Product Poster

"The nuclear family is back"

Life is so complicated.

Todayís home is a tangle of incompatibility. So many different utilities. Different bills. Different fuels. Itís confusing and expensive. Thatís where we come in.

Cyberdyne FissionMaster™ offers a simple, unified solution. One centrally located unit replaces your electrical supply, water heater, furnace, air conditioner, microwave oven and hair dryer.°

Fuel? Cyberdyne PlutoniFun® is delivered direct to your house in safe, lead-shielded vans. And for a modest monthly fee, Cyberdyneís DeepStor™ service will remove and store your waste products for their full 10,000 year half-life.

So call today. Ask about Cyberdyne FissionMaster™. And give your house that warm, lived-in glow.

°Not recommended for homes with nursing mothers.


The new digital compound that will change your world

Terminator 2 3D Cyberdyne Product Poster

"The future is bright and shiny"

This shiny little lump of metal is the beginning of a revolution. It's a mimetic polyalloy. Liquid metal that can actually change shape. We call it T1™.

Still in the advanced prototype stage, this incredible material responds to digital input by altering its molecular substructure. It can sample any simple object, then duplicate it exactly.

There are so many potential uses for T1, it's almost scary. Kitchen utensils wil instantly change from fork to knife. Manufacturers will emulate their competitors' products and bring duplicates to market faster than ever. U.S. Combat Forces will carry a single unit of T1 in the field that automatically changes shape, emulating a variety of knives and stabbing weapons.

Sure, it's only tableware now. But this is just the beginning. In the future, T1's capabilities will increase a thousand times over. And this amazing material will change your life forever.

Trust us.


The future is coming

Terminator 2 3D Cyberdyne Product Poster

"Sleep tight"

It's the most ambitious project in human history. Inspired by the work of the late Dr. Miles Bennet Dyson, Cyberdyne's NeuralNet™ technology delivers the world's first truly intelligent communications and defense system.

When Skynet™ comes online early next year, fifty-eight satellites in geosynchronous orbit will monitor anti-American activites around the world. Skynet will assume full command of America's nuclear arsenal. And by taking defense decisions out of human hands, Skynet will never hesitate to make tough decisions.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Skynet will also observe and control every telephone, computer, radio and television transmission around the globe. Banks will route your financial transactions through Skynet. (And we'll be able to provide the IRS with instant details.)

Call Cyberdyne today for a complete demonstration. And get ready to meet the future.


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