Hope Of The Future

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge As you leave the queue area, you enter the Miles Bennet Dyson Memorial Auditorium. Cyberdyne spokeswoman Kimberley Duncan greets the guests and shows them a promotional video how Cyberdyne Systems will improve the world with all its innovations. They are interrupted by two fugitives from history; Sarah Connor and her son John.

Unlike Florida pre-show room's 4 banks of pre-show screens, the Hollywood version has only 2 banks of screens.

One scene of the promotional Cyberdyne Systems video starring former Orlando Magic player, now L.A. Laker star, Shaquille O'Neal, has been re-shot for Universal Studios Hollywood and Japan. He has ditched the Orlando blue-and-white uniform, and now sports Laker gold-and-blue.

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"..my name is VIC: Visual Inelegant Computer..."

In 2007, the pre-show ticker (which was installed in 2005) located in the pre-show room has received a new script for guests to read before Kimberley comes out. The ticker has also been given a new name; "VIC" for Visual Inelegant Computer. New guest interactions include audience clapping, and new color combinations.

USH has had many complaints of how long the pre-show is and the guests do not believe it's a part of the show. So USH added VIC. Basically it's an entertainment value for the guests while waiting for the preshow to load. It works very well, and gets many laughs, but it distracts from the show quality because it goes too far out of character.

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After the pre-show, you are led into the Main Show.

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