Hope Of The Future

Click to enlargeFrom October 2003 'till October 2004, an attraction called Terminator 3: The Walk-Thru was created at Sega's Joypolis in Tokyo, to support the hype around the latest installment of the Terminator series: Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. Another version of this walk-thru attraction was created in Osaka, Umeda.


Basically, it's an interactive walk-through with a mini show, running about approximately 10 minutes. The outline of the story is that the guest are recruited to help the Human Resistance in their fight against the machines of SKYNET.

What follows is the storyline with photos and conceptual artwork of the version in Tokyo. Pictures of Umeda are included at the very end. All credits for the pics and info go to Psion.

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The guests enter a Resistance hideout and a Resistance soldier explains the story and that they need their help.

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After the explanation, they go to the next room where they arrive on a cemetery. Sarah's coffin lies between the tombstones. Originally, there was supposed to be a letter in the coffin, explaining Sarah's death and a mesage which is connected with a mission of breaking into CRS to prevent SKYNET from becoming active. However, the attraction was supposed to last 8 minutes from preshow to end, but it actually took 15 minutes too long, so the letter was omitted. Now the Resistance soldier explains the guests the backgroundstory.

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The group infiltrates the CRS building (it's dark) and finds a dead CRS technician with bullet holes in the wall behind him. Something horrible has recently happened, which would also explain why it's so dark inside.

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They arrive at the main lab and face the main computer. The guests have to hack in the system to retrieve a code. It's only then that a T-1 Unit appears from the rumble behind the computers and starts firing. To make matters worse, the T-X arrives to terminate the unwelcomed guests, but is temporarily hold back by the gunfire of the Resistance soldier.
It appears with all the chaos that SKYNET has already become active, which explains the dead technician and darkness inside. The machines are on the rise and it's a race against the clock to stop Judgment Day and prevent the deaths of billions of humans.

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The group flees the scene and runs into the CRS computer main frame where they enter the code they just got to shut down skynet. But somehow, it doesn't work. The T-X chases the guests out towards a shaft (to Cystal Peak).

The guests run into a room with all kinds of lockers. They have to find an access card to open the locked door to the exit tunnel. If they don't find the access card in one of the lockers within a minute, the T-X appears again and attacks.

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They enter the tunnel, but the searchlights of a helicopter find them as the guests hurry on further, while the floor below them suddenly drops.
Originally, a helicopter would hoover above them, but due budget reason the helicopter was omitted and only a moving spot light and a large wind fan with sound effects mimicks the helicopter's appearance.

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Finally, the guests arrive at the base inside Crystal Peak and find the main computer system. They enter the code and activate the self-destruct mechanism. The clock starts to count down as suddenly the T-X arrives on the scene in a last attempt to terminate them. She fires at the Resistance soldier and wounds him. Just when all hope seems to be lost, the T-850 Terminator appears and opens fire at the T-X, stopping her in her tracks, while the dying soldier tells the guests to head to the exit. In the exit hallway, the guests get shot with a 5 second long airblast.

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Last but not least, here are some pics from the version in Osaka, Umeda. This version is almost completely indetical to the version in Tokyo. The T-1 Unit comes through a window blinds, instead from behind the walls. Also, pipes were added in the CRS labs.

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