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The section will cover the music of the Terminator universe. Soundtracks, fanmade stuff, covers of the famous Terminator theme, music used in the official Terminator trailers, and more and more.

If you are looking for info about the official soundtracks, or the different versions of these soundtrack, then go go here.
And if you want to know which songs were played in the movies, I have created a list about that.

If you find the official soundtracks interesting, but also have the feeling that a lot of music was missing from that release, the you should out this page. Also go there for fanmade soundtracks of the Terminator computer games.

Heard a music cue in some Terminator promotional trailer and are you wondering which song it could be? This small article tries to give you the best answer.

Want to know how much our beloved Terminator theme has been covered and by whom? You can find the answer here. You won't believe how many times the Terminator theme has been covered...

Last but not least are the songs that are somehow related to Terminator, but do not fit in the other categories.

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