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Terminator 2: Live / 5D T-HOPE Ultimate Edition DVD Cover - Mosaic Terminator 2: Live / 5D T-HOPE Ultimate Edition
An Ultimate Edition DVD 2-disc set of Terminator 2: Live / 5D, an Italian show combining live actors and 3D footage.

Join John Connor and the Terminator in a dangerous struggle for the future of mankind. Fight T-30 units during the raid on Cyberdyne Systems. Find a way to destroy the indestructable shape-shifting T-1000. Destroy Cyberdyne's technology and research to ensure the future.
At Canevaworld Resort (Movieland Studios), this relatively unknown Italian attraction features live actors performing on stage in combination with video. The attraction was build in 2004 as "Terminator 2: Live." In 2007, it was upgraded with a 3D movie (filmed with the own cast of Canevaworld Resort) and renamed into "Terminator 5D." The character of Sarah Connor was added as a live actress in the renewed version. Included on this DVD are both versions of the show!
What makes this T-HOPE Ultimate Edition extra special is the inclusion of exclusive info and rare pictures of "Terminator 3: The Walk-Thru." This Japanese walkthrough stage was created in Tokyo and Umeda to promote the release of "Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines." Also included is a preview of "Terminator: The Coaster," an upcoming rollercoaster ride for Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

Terminator 2: Live / 5D T-HOPE Ultimate Edition DVD Cover - Steel Content
THE SHOWS - The complete live experience (interactive).
INFO - Everything you thought you’d know… and much more!
PROMOTIONAL SPOTS - Trailers, commercials, and more.
IMAGES - Posters, setphotos and more.
TERMINATOR 3: THE WALK-THRU - The complete walkthrough.
TERMINATOR: THE COASTER preview - A first look on this upcoming attraction.

Technical info
NTSC 720 x 480 video, Dobly Digital 2.0 (AC3) audio. Region free.
Cover artwork is included in the DVD_ROM folder on the disc.
Release date: November 30th 2008.

Detailed list

- The Show
   * The Complete Live Experience (approx. 13 mins.)
   * Alternate Angles
- Info
   * Building
   * Pre-Show
   * Queue Area
   * Terminator 2: Live
   * Terminator 5D
   * Terminator Shop
   * Cast
- Promotional Spots
   * Spot 1
   * Spot 2
   * Movie Studios Spot
   * MovieLand Studios Promo
- Images
   * Posters
   * Promotional Pictures
   * Pre-Show 2006
   * Main Show 2006 session 1
   * Main Show 2006 session 2
   * Pre-Show 2007
   * Main Show 2007
   * Pre-Show 2008
   * Terminator
- Terminator 3: The Walk-Thru
- Terminator: The Coaster
   * Animatronic ride
- A Word From The Faneditor

Easter eggs: 1

Comment from the faneditor
"I wanted to preserve the rare footage and other media I had of Terminator 2: Live and Terminator 5D, and started working on this DVD. This disc can also be viewed as a new bonus disc to my recently released 2 disc set of Terminator 2 3D: Battle Across Time.
I just hope people will like it and notice the amount of work that has gone into it. Also, if they are using materials from this set, I hope they will give a proper credit."

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