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Deleted scenes
The cutting room floor... the place where footage gets cut from the final version of the movie. Maybe it will be used for some director's cut or extended edition of the movie, or perhaps even as extra for a DVD release. Nevertheless, this footage, those extra scenes and shots are very interesting to watch. They provide more background info, show an alternate shot of a scene or even add something completely different to the storyline. These scenes and moments provide a fascinating glimpse of plot points and elements implicit in the Terminator universe.

What is a deleted scene? What's the difference between an alternate scene and an extended scene? To clear things up, here's are the definitions of the terms.
Deleted scene: A filmed scene that was cut from the theatrical release. They mostly end up as an extra on the DVD.
Omitted scene: A scripted scene that was removed from the script before it was filmed. An omitted scene is a scene that was never filmed.
Novel scene: A scene in the novel that was filmed nor scripted. These scenes are very interesting for the fans.
Extended scene: A longer scene of the scene that was shown in the theatrical release, because deleted footage was re-inserted.
Alternate scene: An alternate version of the scene shown in the theatrical release, to provide the director an alternate vision on the scene. These kind of scenes are also used to get passed the censorship for tv airings.
Outtake: Mostly a scene that was screwed up by the cast or crew. Examples of these scenes are actors that forget their lines, uncontrolled giggling, mikes in the frame, etc.

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