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Terminator Salvation T-HOPE Edition DVD Cover - Main cover Terminator Salvation T-HOPE Edition

In the aftermath of Judgment Day and the takeover by the machines, John Connor (Christian Bale), the destinied leader of the human resistance, must counter Skynet's devastating plan to terminate mankind. As Connor rallies his underground street fighters for a last, desperate battle, he realizes that to save the future he must rescue his own father, Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin). But the most shocking discovery comes with the arrival of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a mysterious loner from the past who challenges Connor with an impossible choice that will ddetermine the future of the human race - leading them both on a brutal journey into the very heart of the enemy.

Official version runtime: 115 | 118 (directorís cut)
T-HOPE EDITION runtime: 109 minutes

Terminator Salvation T-HOPE Edition DVD Cover - Nuclear cover



- Terminator 4: Hope Of The Future (Epic Trailer)

Technical info
NTSC 720 x 480 video, Dobly Digital (AC3) audio. Region free.
Cover artwork is included.
Release date: July 2010.

Cuts & Changes

  1. Created new intro "Echoes from the past." Dr. Silberman and Miles Dyson both have a form of cameo, creating a nice link to the previous Terminator movies.
  2. Created new intro titles that shows the results of the nuclear fires, humanityís struggle after it, the first attack by machines and a nightly fight between men and machine. Added Edgenís Terminator Theme performed by Justin R. Durban.
  3. Removed missile POV, start with explosion.
  4. Removed the T-600 attacking John Connor. If a Terminator pops up behind you, you should be dead as its mechanical hand should already been ripping out your heart.
  5. Cut Ashdown calling John a prophesized leader. Cut Resistance Command knowing about Kyle Reese and his importance. John Connor is number one on the hitlist. Changed dialogue so Losenko says Connor is number one.
  6. Cut Connorís arrival because it shows a complete airbase with bright lights. The machines should have noticed this and already attacked that base. Unfortunately I couldnít remove these kinds of shots later on in the movie.
  7. Changed Sarah Connorís message on tape into the original one from ĎThe Terminator.í Too bad I couldnít change the photograph into the original one.
  8. Conversation between John and Kate. Cut "Kill Kyle Reese. Reset the future. No John Connor." This line just feels like an insult to the IQ of the fans. Plus I think if John and Kate were living together for over 15 years, this would be already very clear to them and no need to repeat such stuff.
  9. Tightened up the T-600ís attack on Marcus. Cut some staring at each other, T-600 turns around now and immediately starts firing. Cut some of the shooting so it looks like the T-600 is more accurate and Marcus was saved at the last moment by Kyle Reese. Also tightened up Kyle activating the trap for the T-600. Hopefully making the T-600 appear a bit more dangerous. Also cut a little bit of the T-600 shooting its foot to escape the trap.
  10. Created a "nightmare" flashback sequence in Marcus has some weird flashes of being in jail talking to a woman (Serena) with a sudden and weird ending.
  11. Cut Aerostat identifying Kyle Reese by name. Also cut some driving and Kyle telling itís the first time ever heís driving a car.
  12. Cut some dialogue of the meeting between Marcus & co and the people at the gas station (removed "You point that gun at somebody, you better be ready to pull the trigger.").
  13. After shooting the thug in the knee, Blair doesnít show any pity or remorse for the one who tried to rape her. She doesnít toss her bag with antibiotics to him. Life after Judgment Day is more about survival.
  14. Removed campfire scene. A fire in such an open place would definitely get the machineís attention. Plus the conversation was really lame.
  15. Cut first trembling mine when Marcus walks through the minefield. The reveal of Marcus being a hybrid is now much more of a surprise.
  16. Marcusí face is now shown when he says "My name is Marcus Wright."
  17. Created dream flash / flashback about Marcus signing away his body to Cyberdyne to reveal his background and complete the flashback series of his past. Somehow this reveal with his screaming works more in an emotional way.
  18. Cut the 4 (hybrid) silhouettes at Skynet while people are being processed. Also cut Kyle being identified by the machines. He just gets picked out of the row because of his positive skin type./li>
  19. Cut John mentioning Kyle to Ashdown while trying to talk Ashdown out of attacking Skynet while there are still prisoners inside.
  20. Used Connor motivation speech from the theatrical cut.
  21. Cut Marcus sending Kyleís cell location to John. John just gets the message (could be from Marcus, could be from Skynet-who knows). This also omits having Kyleís name in Skynetís system.
  22. Removed some of Skynet Serenaís lines. Also removal of any display of Kyle on screen. Couldnít remove all cringe worthy lines unfortunately.
  23. Cut John screaming to Star to run away.
  24. Cut the T-800 throwing John around. John meets the T-800, then fires his gun. Thatís it.
  25. RCut T-600 shooting John in the shoulder. Useless part that doesnít get addressed to later on, more a leftover from the original Project Angel act.
  26. Reconstructed the ending. Marcus dies when the T-800 destroys his heart. Connor only gets scarred, then escapes and flies away while the Skynet building explodes. At the desert camp Kate is sad/emotional because she almost lost John. John gives Kyle his jacket which makes Kyle now a part of the resistance. Kyle Reese buries someone (not John Connor) while discovering the Sarah photograph while John Connor is flown away and gives an (extended) voiceover.
  27. Added fanedit credits.

Comment from the faneditor
"Terminator Salvation was an incredibly disappointing movie. The story was weak, very flawed. The logic didn't make sense. The Terminators weren't dangerous, they were only throwing people around. Skynet knowing about Kyle Reese (and when he was captured, not even killing him) was a huge letdown storywise. Shortly: very disappointing movie. This fanedit tries to improve the movie. I don't think Terminator Salvation can be saved, or turned into a good movie, worthy of being part of the Terminator saga. It will remain a very flawed and disappointing movie. However, this fanedit tries to make it watchable at least."

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