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"You stay down by day, but at night you can move around. The H-K's use infra-red, so you still have to watch out."


"Hunter-Killers. Patrol machines. Built in automated factories. Most of us were rounded up, put in camps... for orderly disposal. Some of us were kept alive... to work. Loading bodies. The disposal units ran night and day. We were that close to going out forever..."

The battle for the future has begun!

Kyle Reese, Sarahís protector in the first movie, showed us a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic future. He told about a war, and about a man that would become the leader of the Human Resistance in a fight against SKYNET, a super computersystem that launched a global nuclear attack on mankind.

A dark story, written in the style of the original Terminator movie, tells about life during the future war. The Human Resistance, under the leadership of John Connor, fights back against the deadly machines of SKYNET.

As the Resistance finds a possible way to stop SKYNET, some unexpected things happen. The Resistance must fight for what itís worth to retrieve back the earth that was once theirs.

After finishing my Terminator 4 fanscript, I came up with even more ideas about the future war story. I also came up with more dialogue and better and more detailed descriptions of scenes. I decided to start to write a fan-novelization of my script. I don't know if it's ever gonna be published, I certainly hope so, but that was not the reason for me to write it all down. I just needed to tell my own story of the Terminator saga, and what's a better way than a novel..?

The story is based on my script. I felt the need to remove some scenes from the script, but I have better scenes to replace them with. Also, with this novelization it's a lot easier to write down the character's thoughts, and this makes the story more emotional than the script shows.

At the bottom of this page, I have posted some excerpts of the novel to indicate what kind of novelization it will be. The novel itself is still not finished, but I'm taking my time for it, which hopefully comes out only as a good thing, since I don't want to overrush it. The hardest problem for me is the right use of the English grammar/writing style. English is not my motherlanguage, but I'm trying as hard as I can to make it a worthy fan-novelization.

Terminator 4: Hope Of The Future - Poster

Written by Maurice J.R. Huijs
Status: still under construction.

Terminator 4: Hope Of The Future
Novelization excerpts:
   - Excerpt #1 - PROLOGUE - A burning world
   - Excerpt #2 - CHAPTER - Factory raid
   - Excerpt #3 - CHAPTER - The history of a machine (part 1)
   - Excerpt #4 - CHAPTER - Making history
   - Excerpt #5 - CHAPTER - Assassin becomes protector
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Excerpt #1 - PROLOGUE - A burning world

Silberman struggled, but he was nothing compared to this big muscleman. Then Silberman noticed a big dot outside in the sky, and all of his muscles lost the will or strength to struggle further. He witnessed the big dot growing bigger through the barred window. His jaw opened, and he realized it was already too late. "I'm sorry, Connor," was all he could say before the rapidly bigger growing dot crashed into the city and blew it off the map.

It was their last day of work. It was the last day of their lives. It was the last day of an era. A new period was starting. The age of machines. Judgment Day occurred. Three billion human lives ended.

Nuclear missiles struck with high speed into the ground and scattered many dreams. The entire world was burning. Capitals were destroyed. From outer space, Earth looked no longer like a planet, but more like a fierce, burning star. Death was spreading with its wings at the speed of light that day that hour. Worldwide, people died because of the bombs that fell. Washington. The White House was blasted away. New York. The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island was burning. Its torch was burning even harder. Hollywood. The big white characters of the Hollywood sign on Mount Lee were on fire. Paris. The Eiffel Tower collapsed. Moscow. The Kremlin was directly hit by a nuclear warhead. China. The Chinese Wall was one long burning line of fire. Los Angeles. The City of Angels was turned into a blazing inferno of hell. If there were any angels left, then it would be angels with flaming wings, fallen down from heaven. Rio de Janeiro. The Christ the Redeemer statue on top of the Mount Corcovado in Brazil was back lit by a brighter light that even heaven could ultimately not create. Its huge shadow was thrown like a cross at the city beneath of the mountain and forecasted the inhabitant's inescapable doom. Never before had there been so many prayers. But as the humans looked to the heavens for salvation, the sky answered them with fire...

Excerpt #2 - CHAPTER - Factory raid

It had been just a normal Sunday in July of 2004. Still that one Sunday made the difference. On that day, almost everything alive stopped living. Three billions lives had vanished in an instant. That's more than the half of the whole human population on earth. Three fuckin' billions lives for God's sake. But God did not seem to care. If there was a God, his love and forty-five cents would buy you coffee.
     It was man's misuse of technology that was the reason. SKYNET, a super computersystem build back in the days for SAC-NORAD, had started a massive global nuclear attack on mankind. That was bad, real bad, but things even got worse when SKYNET unleashed its mechanical monsters. Machines of many types with the same purpose... to hunt down every single human on the planet and kill it like a cockroach. The machines didn't eat, they didn't sleep, they were inexorable and they just kept coming. Every child born in this world had to face that nightmare. The horrible vision of chrome machines ruling over the dead earth.
     John Connor was thinking of the old days, when mankind could walk on the earth with nothing to fear. When they didn't have to hide when something flew in the air. When they didn't have to live underground, or at least at places where no machine could come. The radiation had subsided for a great deal in the sixth year after Judgment Day. Still, there was radiation left. But people didn't care about that anymore. They knew they were going to die. If not from the radiation, then by the hands of a machine.
     If not killed, SKYNET often used captured humans as slave labor, loading bodies into the incinerators. Their disposal units ran night and day. Humans were used as slaves, and marked by laser scans. John knew. He had rescued those slaves for the last two years. His last rescue was a month ago. He and his team had attacked a factory where the machines were creating parts for Aerial Hunter-Killers. At the end of the attack, the factory was burning bright in the dark night. The humans did everything they could do to thwart the reproduction of machines. And right now, they were trying again.

The moon had risen, but the dark clouds made it barely visible. Most of the times it was blocked by layers of the radioactive cumulus. Skulls and human bones, blackened from the nuclear fire, covered the cold, hard ground. A freezing wind blew through the desolation, keening with the sound of ten million dead souls. Ruins were visible in the horizon, and everywhere you looked, you saw death.
     John stopped thinking about it. It was of no use anymore. There were no tears left. There was no grief for those who had died. There was no time to reflect upon the mistakes of man. There was nothing but hope, and a goal... To end the world domination of the machines.
It was a goal that he would dedicate his whole life to.

Excerpt #3 - CHAPTER - The history of a machine (part 1)

In May 1984, remnants from a time-displaced Terminator were found by Greg Simmons and his assistant Jack Kroll in a manufacturing area of Cyberdyne Systems. They hid the equipment from their employer and developed the technology themselves in secret. After sixteen months and four days they booked the first results and took over the Cyberdyne Systems Corporation.
     Then, in 1990, Kroll who had been the driving force behind the company's real success, died from a brain tumor.
     In 1991, they recruited Miles Bennet Dyson out of graduate school and contracted him to continue Kroll's work. He was an expert in algebra and a talented computer programmer. In two years, he became Director of Special Projects. Because of him, Cyberdyne grew into a large company which drew attention from the millitary. But due resistance intervention in 1995, the company was destroyed and lost millions of dollars. Dyson died in that attack. The dark future was stopped, the resistance thought.
     But Cyberdyne had backed up its research data. They saved it off-site. When the company went bankrupt in 1996, the military took over and acquired the assets. They started a new foundation with the best employees of Cyberdyne, and called it Cyber Research Systems. They developed the technology in secret for SAC-NORAD (Strategic Air Command - NORth American Air Defense), supervised by three-star Lieutenant General Robert Brewster.
     General Brewster had earned his first star when he had straightened out the mess left by the destruction and bankruptcy of the old Cyberdyne Systems company. His second star had come when the CRS facility was opened and the third star was added when the major work on SKYNET had been completed.
     Robert Brewster was the Program Director of the Autonomous Weapons Division at CRS, located at the Edwards Air Force Base. He activated the SKYNET Battlefield Management System under pressure of Admiral James F. Morrison, in order to stop a global virus attack. They had created SKYNET to assure world peace and turned the digital Global Defense System over to the computersystem. But it was SKYNET who had created the virus and tricked them into activation. SKYNET had become operational and in order to assure its survival, SKYNET controlled its primitive machines. Primitive, but very deadly.
     When all employees were killed at the base, the military carried out one final attack on SKYNET on 6:07 P.M. Within seven minutes after their arrival, the four military squads were killed and SKYNET decided that man and machine could not longer co-exist on the planet. It launched a massive nuclear attack on mankind when it was fully self-aware at exactly 6:18 PM. Man would feel the system's thermonuclear fury.

Judgment Day came and went.

Excerpt #4 - CHAPTER - Making history

The techs moved aside and suddenly John was beside Kyle. The techs walked away as a med tech entered the scene with two syringes, with a faint blue substance inside.
     John fixed Reese with an intense gaze. There was so much he wanted to say, but couldn't bring himself to.
    K yle looked around at all the activity. Battle and the prospect of death had never scared him. But the importance of what he was about to do terrified him. But he could not say it to John or anyone else. He would not fail his leader.
     John was watching Kyle's face intense. Almost memorizing all the lines of it, as if it was a picture. A picture he was about to lose forever. It was so strange to look into the smooth face of a younger man, and know that he was your father.
     John had a hard time with it. He could never tell Kyle that Kyle was his father... He could never have his father's love like any other child would have... He could only admire Kyle from a distance. It was a son's love that could never be expressed... all because of the mission that had to succeed. There was so much John wanted to say to Kyle, so many things that crossed his mind, but he just couldn't. More thoughts would distract Kyle and put him under a lot of stress and pressure. This could mess up the mission, and thus history.
     John cursed fate. Fate would never allow him to have a normal, happy life. His mother had died of Leukemia, by the liquid metal in her veins of the T-1000. And now he was about to send his own father to his death. But John could not prevent it. It had to happen. If he didn't send his father, he would cease to exist.      The only happy thought in his head was that Kyle would make Sarah happy, and although Kyle's life would be ripped away aggressively out of Sarah's life, their love would be forever--endless, and there was nothing fate could do about that to change it. Kyle's love for Sarah would cross time itself. He would protect her, he would die for her... and with that, he would die for John and the entire human race. John felt the sadness of the inevitable destined loss of his father, and he couldn't not suppress it. And the happy thought was gone--
     John could understand how hard it must have been for Kyle, to arrive in an unharmed, beautiful world, while you had grown up in the ruins of the cold, deadly aftermath. He knew Kyle had shut down emotions with all the loss of lives around him, but he also knew that Kyle would learn to feel again--to love someone before he would die.
     Kyle was breathing deep and slow, showing supreme control, prepping for something that could never be prepared for: time travel. Only John could sense the utter terror behind Kyle's grim expression as a med tech hyped his arm, pumping his veins full of synthetic adrenaline, making his muscles pop out, combat-ready. The med tech then stepped away and there was the silence again. Then the two men looked at one another, both were looking for the right words.
     Finally John spoke. "I'm proud of you soldier. Did commander Perry brief you?"
     Kyle could hear the emotions in John's voice. Like him, John was nervous too.
     "Yes sir," Kyle said with as much as determination as possible. "I know what I have to do, but I'm not sure why."
     John said, "You know what you need to accomplish the mission.
     Kyle stiffened. "Yes sir."
     "Just remember. Trust no one. Depend on yourself. And never let down your guard." John was serious about it.
     "Understood, sir."
     John nodded. He had faith in Kyle, he would succeed.
     "Sir?" Kyle asked.
     "You know what is gonna happen with me, don't you? I mean, how this is gonna turn out..?"
     John nodded again. "Some of it."
     "So..? How does it end? With me?"
     The ice was broken. The tense situation unleashed its grip on the conversation.
     Kyle looked at John's face, trying to find an answer.
     John didn't know what to say. He couldn't find the right words at this moment and swallowed silently. Kyle looked at John's eyes and found his answer in a brief, troubled look of sadness.
     "Reese..." John said doubtfully.
     "Don't...," Kyle spoke up. "I don't want to know. It's probably better not to know."
     John understood. Although he had lived most of his life with foreknowledge, he knew some things were indeed better not to know.
     John looked up, straight into Kyle's eyes. "I owe you, Kyle." Then he patted Kyle on his back.
     Kyle was surprised to hear his leader call him by his first name. He knew John only called friends by their first name, and only in situations where not much people were involved. John had become personal with Kyle in this short moment, very personal, now that he was sent to protect and to defend John's mother. And suddenly Kyle began slowly to understand it all. Suddenly it all made sense. He was part of something bigger. A history that hadn't happened yet, and John had always known. Maybe that was why he was moved to John's unit. Why he was kept so close. And yet so distant. He was part of something big.
     A moment of silence. Both men searched for the right words.
     "Don't worry," John said. "You will succeed. Otherwise... I would not be standing here, would I?"
     Kyle looked up, a bit relieved. He was still not sure what to think of the situation... and of the things that still had to come. Also John's sadden look troubled him, but his final words had given him more confidence and courage. Whatever lay in store for him, he would face it and deal with it. Just for John. Suddenly, a spontaneous thought occurred in his mind and before he completely realized what he had done, he had reached out his hand to John.
     John looked up, surprised, wondering.
     "Thank you sir," Kyle said. "It was an honor to serve with you."
     John was astonished, completely overwhelmed. He had never expected this, and a lump appeared in his throat. He started to tremble a little bit and his emotions took over the control of his body, as he looked at Kyle's face. Then a little smile of happiness appeared on his face, and he reached out and grabbed Kyle shoulders in a firm, comradely grip. Now Kyle was completely overwhelmed by his leader's sudden gesture.
     John closed his eyes for a short moment, then moved back and looked straight into Kyle's eyes. "No... thank you, soldier. Without you, everything would be lost. You're the pivot of fate." John's eyes watered a little bit, but he retrieved control over his body and the eyes dried up.
     "Now don't be sentimental, sir."
     John started to grin. He really liked Kyle. Too bad they had had not enough time to learn to know each other. Damn you fate.
     Kyle laughed too, and John noticed they had the same grin, like father and son.
    "I need you to memorize something. Things you must tell Sarah. A message. A very important one. It's crucial for the mission."
    Kyle nodded, and John searched for the right words. Then it all came back to him. The words from Sarah's tape, tape number two of the audio chronicle of information on C-90s to be exactly, that Sarah had called The Book. He recalled the memory of the message and started. "Thank you Sarah, for your courage through the dark years..."

Excerpt #5 - CHAPTER - Assassin becomes protector

Kate Brewster clicked the reprogrammed Central Processing Unit back in the cabine inside the machine's head.
     The T-850 came online and outlined Kate's proportions. With the bootup, diagnostic circuits came online in an ordered priority. The new programming was accepted and added to the system. Mission parameters became clear to the machine, while the processors were working at full power to complete to startup. The unit's serial number, make and model were displayed shortly in the upper left side of the machine's head-up display, followed by the date and time it had been offline.
     The machine's optical sensors cleared and began to glow faintly red behind the humanlike eyes. Then the glow disappeared as the unit was fully operational, its eyes staring blank at Kate.
     The machine looked down and noticed it was completely naked. The humans had stripped off its borrowed clothes in the time the unit had been offline. The T-850 could hear nervous breathing behind him, but it didn't turn backwards.
     Kate looked directly at the machine. "I am Katherine Brewster."
     The machine looked up. A file appeared on the machine's TermoVision that instructed the machine to follow Katherine Brewster's commands and orders, no matter what. The T-850 made a snapshot of her and saved it in its mission database.
     "What is your mission?" Kate asked.
     The unit's eyes crossed Kate's eyes, and Kate tried to find as much as emotion as possible in those artificial eyes, with no luck.
     A short list of possible responses appeared on the machine's TermoVision. There was only one option available. "To ensure the survival of John Connor and Katherine Brewster," the T-850 said as a matter of fact.
     Kate looked the machine in the eyes, looking for recognition from the early years. It were exactly the words she given to the programmers as description. She let out a breath and then looked to something behind the machine. She nodded and the machine could hear riffles put back on their safety-mode. The nervous breathing stopped within seconds and changed into a more relaxing breathing.
     The machine turned backwards and spotted several soldiers with plasma riffles. A safety arrangement, it estimated.
     "Follow me," Kate said to the machine.

They walked through some corridors and passed various non-functional models that had served SKYNET. All were de-activated and the power supplies were removed to prevent any further activity. While walking, Kate explained the situation and briefed the cyborg about its important mision.
     Then they arrived in the Continuum Transporter room, and Kate stopped talking. This was it, the moment in which she had to fullfill the destined action; send back the unit to protect her and John from a deadly T-X just before Judgment Day. Complete the last step of the timeloop. The techs in the room looked at her and more at the machine next to her. "It's okay," she assured them. "He's one of us." She turned to Harris, a TechCom technician that had followed them during their walk to the room. "Close its port cover please," she ordered him.
     "Are you sure?" the tech asked her.

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