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Terminator 3 Trailer - "Futura"
Judgment Day has come
Humanity will fall
And the Machines will rise

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As I have been telling for a long time, I wanted to make another Terminator 3 trailer. The idea orignally came from a DVD documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger's life and they showed a behind-the-scenes video of the cemetery shootout, one of my favorite moments of Terminator 3. The Terminator with the coffin and gun is in my opinion already a legendary image and one of the highlights of T3. Because I really wanted to use this piece in a trailer (why not? there are enough trailers that have scenes or shots that are not present in the final movie :) I created a trailer story around it. I wanted to surprise the "audience" (as I like to call the people that watch my trailers) with the sudden present of a new Terminator in our present. Imagine yourself sitting in a theatre, you see the future war scenes and then you see a black screen while you suddenly hear a man shouting to take someone down. What does he mean? Who does he want to take down? What the hell is going on? WHAM!!! You see the Terminator, back in black leather, having a big gun and carrying a mysteriously coffin. You immediately feel that the Terminator is back for some neat action! The great image sticks in your memory and will be remembered. Score 1 for the trailer, since you already remember that shot! So, because of that behind-the-scenes shot of the Terminator with coffin, I created this trailer. Plus I had a great idea for the ending, which I also realized with this trailer.

First, I'd like to say something about the trailer itself. I always make trailers of some acts that I put together. This trailer has several acts and I'd like to comment on them. You should be aware that I view this trailer as if it's an (official) trailer which is shown for the first time to the audience which is still waiting to see Terminator 3. Maybe it's the best way to approach it.

Act 1 - The Future War.
This short act shows the future... our future. A nightmarish world in which soulless machines control our lives. It shows the life after Judgment Day. Machines hunt for men... day and night... almost unstoppable. Since this is John Connor's nightmare I only used background music and no actual sound effects.
I know one could say that I almost give away every Future War scene (I can't help it there were so less future war scenes in T3!!), but if you look at the official trailers, you should notice that you also see every future war scenes. Actually, in the official trailers you even see more future war scenes! Still, this act shows a 'possible,' dark future.

Act 2 - "The life you know... it's not gonna last."
After John Connor's nightmare, John warns us for this future and that it is gonna happen unless we fight back and try to prevent it. During his speech, we are suddenly interrupted by lightning, which symbolizes dangerous things to come. During the lightning, we see a few flashes of the T-850 Terminator arriving, and we are aware that a Terminator is send back to our present. It shortly hints that another fight in the present will be fought, and that our favorite machine is back!!

Act 3.1 - "Take him down"
Like I already said, the audience is suddenly surprised to hear the SWAT team leader's voice, and then WHAM! we see the Terminator, prepared to fire back at the authorities. Back in black, the Terminator looks fantastic. He's really back! I am very amused, because if you take a look at the movies, we see that in every movie, the Terminator is in conflict with authorities. How beautiful to see it happen again in Terminator 3. "And what's in that coffin? Why does he carry it?"

Act 3.2 - "This is the day of reckoning."
I managed to rip the narration of the T3 international trailer and to use it in this trailer. We see more shots of the movie while we are told what is going to happen by the great narrator. Notice that the T-X in human infiltration form only shows up once, since I wanted to keep her as surprise to the audience. For example, the audience that doesn't know that a female-like Terminator is send back this time, they won't recognize her. They will only see her Endoskeleton form, and wonder what kind of new deadly machine we're dealing with this time.

Act 4 - "John Connor... It is time!"
A short sequence in which we hear one of the Terminator's new one-liners, intercut with some action flashes of the movie. Then we hear the famous Terminator Drums, together with some taglines, that hype us for the movie. IT IS TIME... FOR T3!! And ofcourse you should always end a trailer in a nice way/style, so there's the T-X's arm as a last surprise. If you wonder why the Terminator's voice sounds differently than the one we hear in the movie, it is because this was the voice mix used in the first T3 trailer, and since I prefer that voice, I used it in my trailer.
Note: due something in the conversion from AVI file to Quicktime (MOV) file, there's an error in the sound in this act. I think (and really hope) most people won't hear it, because it can only be heard with some stereo Soundblasters that can play surround sound.

Video used
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - Movie
Arnold Schwarzenegger - His Life, His Mission - Documentary

Music used
1. Brand X Music - Honor And Glory -> played during the Future War visions.
2. Lightning sound - from Japanese Day After Tomorrow trailer.
3.1 Marco Beltrami - Graveyard Shootout -> played during the cemetery shootout, straight rip from DVD audio.
3.2 Pfeifer Broz - March Into Hades -> like the first T3 trailer, played during the action sequence.
4.1 Pfeifer Broz - Brain Bucket --> played during the "John Connor, it is time" part.
4.2 Terminator Drums - ripped from the first T3 trailer.

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