Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Sarah berating John
T2 deleted scene

Scene description
Sarah tells John not to cry when they have just escaped from the Pescadero State Hospital.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Due to the complications of either using a beam-splitter on set or doing an expensive rotoscope job, Terminator does not have glowing red eyes in this scene. Although filmed, Sarah's berating John for crying was deemed unnecessarily harsh extra beat to the scene and was cut from the picture.



Terminator 2 script, revised final shooting script:

        A GHOST CAR blasts out of the darkness on a long stretch of moonlight
        highway.  Headlights off, the hospital security car punches a hole in
        the wind.

81A     INSIDE THE SPEEDING CAR the energy is still high.  The air is blowing
        in the shattered windows as Terminator drives the car easily by
        electronic night-vision.  His eyes glow faintly red.

                Can you see anything?

81B     TERMINATOR'S POV.  A monochrome image of the highway lit bright as

81C     Terminator replies in a matter-of-fact tone.



        Sarah looks at Terminator, still not quite believing this is
        happening.  But this is a different Sarah than the waitress of 1984.
        She spends only a second or two dealing with the unbelievable.
        Then she turns to John in the back seat.

                You okay?

        He nods.  She reaches for John and we think she's going to hug him.
        She starts to rub her hands over him and we realize she's checking for
        injuries, very clinically the way a vet checks a dog for broken bones.

        He pulls away from her.  He hates her always checking him, treating
        him like he might break, like some piece of rare china.

                I said I was okay.

        Sarah looks at him, exasperated and stern.

                It was stupid of you to go there.

        John stares at her, surprised.

                Goddamnit, John, you have to be smarter than
                that.  You're too important!  You can't risk
                yourself, not even for me, do you understand?
                I can take care of myself.  I was doing fine.
                Jesus, John.  You almost got yourself killed.

        We see his chin quiver.  He's a tough kid, but all he really wants is
        for her to love him.  He hasn't had enough years on the planet yet to
        be the man of steel she demands.

                I... had to get you out of the place... I'm
                sorry, I...

        His face crumples.  He starts to cry.  Sarah gives him a cold stare.

                Stop it!  Right now!  You can't cry, John.
                Other kids can afford to cry.  You can't.

        He's trying to be brave, he really is.  Terminator turns and sees the
        water leaking from his eyes.  It doesn't make and sense to him.

                What is wrong with your eyes?

        John turns away, ashamed.  Sarah lets her breath out, realizing how
        keyed up she is.  She turns to Terminator, giving him a wary once-

                So what's your story?

                                                CUT TO:
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