Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

"It has to end here...or I am the future"
T2 deleted scene

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Scene description
Extended dialogue for the Terminator & Sarah.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Non-essential bits of dialogue, though filmed, were cut from the scene not only to keep the emotional focus of the scene on John and Terminator's relationship, but to address other considerations: Terminator's line "...I am the future" with his exposed chrome dramatically lit loses much of its impact due too the fact that the pivotal half-face look has already been established and seen for the last few scenes, and thus a big emphasis on it seems somewhat heavy-handed; and Sarah's question "Are you afraid?" no longer has any context after the earlier weapons cache scene in which John and Terminator discuss fear was omitted.

A cut I personally dislike. I'd really love to hear the Terminator's one-liner "It has to end here... or I am the future." That single line embodies so much strength and passion, also for his ultimate sacrifice. And then his Endo-face turns into the shadows while his human face appears in the light. This is an excellent piece of scriptwriting and filmmaking, unfortunately cut from the movie.


Terminator 2 script, revised final shooting script:
212A    The crippled cyborg is trying to rise.  Its servos whine and stutter.
        It pathetically lifts itself to a kneeling position, collapses...
        tries again.
        John lifts for all he's worth.  Sarah joins them, helping.
        The help the crippled machine get on its feet.  It can barely stand.

                I need a vacation.

        They walk to the edge of the pit.  Terminator looks down and sees
        that it is over.

                        (to Terminator)
                Is it dead?


        John unzips Sarah's backpack and takes out the hand of the first

                Will it melt in there?

                Yes.  Throw it in.
        He does.  It sinks into the lava.  Vanishes.

                And the chip.

        John takes it out of his pocket.  Looks at it.  Tosses it into the

                It's finally over.

                No.  There is another chip.

        He touches a metal finger to the side of his head.

                And it must be destroyed also.

        John suddenly understands what he means.
        Terminator looks at Sarah.  They both know what must be done.
        John shakes his head.


                I'm sorry, John.

                No, no no!!  It'll be okay.  Stay with us!

                I have to go away, John.

                Don't do it.  Please... don't go --

        Tears are streaming down his face.

        TIGHT CLOSEUP TERMINATOR, turning toward John.
        The human side of his face is in shadow, so we see mostly the chrome
        skull and the red eye.

                It must end here... or I am the future.

                I order you not to!

        Terminator puts his hand on John's shoulder.  He moves slightly and
        the human side of his face comes into the light.
        He reaches toward John's face.  His metal finger touches the tear
        trickling down his cheek.

                I know now why you cry.  But it is something I
                can never do.
                        (to both of them)

        Sarah looks at Terminator.  Reaches out her hand to shake it.
        They lock eyes.  Warriors.  Comrades.

                Are you afraid?


        He turns and steps off the edge.
213     They watch him sink into the lava.
        He disappears... the metal hand sinking last... at the last second it
        forms into a fist with the thumb extended... a final thumbs up.
        Then it is gone.
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