Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

T2 story idea

Scene description
One of the ideas while writing this movie was to bring back Vukovich's character, played by Lance Henriksen. James Cameron had an idea for bringing him back. The plan was for the former detective to return, all messed up from his injuries, confined in a wheelchair. And not to mention pissed off to no end at the one who crippled him, and killed his cop buddies.

Reason cut
Two reasons have been registered for this cameo not to take place:
1) Lance Henriksen and James Cameron couldn't figure out a way to bring him into the story without being clunky, so it didn't happen.
2) Lance Henriksen was too busy in that period of 1990/1991 and didn't have the time to reprise his role.



- Starlog in 1992 I have been told.
- Paul Jackson talked to Lance Henriksen about it.

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