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Finding a way to kill the T-1000, in fact, became one of the toughest challenges for the screenwriters as well. "We really struggled with that. We had set up the physical rules for how this thing worked: If you blow it up, it will form back together; if you blow it up over a large area, it will just take a longer time to come back together. You could cut it it into five pieces and ship each piece to a different continent and you'd be safe probably for your lifetime -- but eventually, that thing would reform. We finally decided that the only way to stop it would be to physically alter the alloy -- mix it with something else that would change its molecular structure. One of my early ideas was that it would get melted down and turned into a set of Kratsman tools, which was a fun metaphor -- technology as something that can work for you or against you. We both liked the idea, but it never quite worked.

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The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day by Don Shay and Judy Duncan. Titan Books, 1991.

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