Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Fence jump
T2 omitted scene

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Scene description
When John Connor is being chased by the T-1000 in the truck, the Terminator jumps over a fence to drop in the same canal.

Reason cut
Van Ling (Creative Supervisor), in T2, the Book of the Film, An Illustrated Screenplay:
Although much of the canal chase was shot verbatim to the script, there were various changes of specific actions in the script based on the production's locations scouts of the canals; the physical features of the canals precluded certain stunts (like the "Great Escape" fence jump) but gave ideas for several new gags.



Terminator 2 script, Revised final shooting script:
47C     ABOVE THEM, on the service road running parallel, Terminator is
        fighting to overtake them.  He looks down and sees John with the tow-
        truck from Hell catching up to him.  It is only about twenty feet
        behind him and still gaining.

47D     ANGLE IN THE CANAL, looking back past a desperate John, at the wall
        of metal filling frame behind him.

47E     ABOVE, Terminator cuts the bike suddenly hard to the left, leaving the
        road.  Hitting an earth embankment just right, he jumps the bike into
        the air like Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape" and vaults the fence
        bordering the canal.  It slams down at the edge of the canal and tears
        along, inches from the drop-off on a dirt path, accelerating past the
        truck in the canal below.
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