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A conversation with William Wisher, from The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day (by Don Shay and Judy Duncan):

The screenwriters grappled with ethical considerations in the handling of the character of young John Connor. Though the logic of the story mandated that the child would be familiar with firearms and skilled at using them, both Cameron and Wisher questioned the moral responsibility of incorporating scenes that would depict the young boy brandishing weapons. "We really had to feel our way through that problem," admitted Wisher. "What we came up with finally was John's indifference to guns --he knows about them, but they hold nothing for him. There are no scenes where John starts blowing people away. We thought at one point that we might have to have scenes where he threatens people with weapons or something, but we ultimately realized that even that would be too much --the kid and guns just wasn't going to fly. But it made sense that Sarah would want him to carry one, so we wrote a scene where Sarah tries to give him a gun and John refuses to take it. And that's how we explain this gun-savvy kid not carrying one."

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The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day by Don Shay and Judy Duncan. Titan Books, 1991.

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