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"John Connor was here, where is he?"
T3 deleted scene

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Scene description
In the movie, the T-X tells Kate: "John Connor was here, where did he go?" This is only part of a bit longer conversation between the T-X and Kate. I have two variations of the complete conversation, I don't know which one was eventually filmed (and partly deleted):
T-X: "John Connor was here. Where is he?"
Kate shakes her head.
T-X: "He was here. Where did he go?"
T-X: "Where is he?"
Kate shakes her head. Maybe more like a "who do you mean?"-gesture.
T-X: "John Connor was here. Where did he go?"

Reason cut

Extended dialogue.

The T3 Domestic Trailer shows a part of this deleted scene. This deleted (extended) scene is also in the official T3 novel and in the comic "T3: Eyes of the Rise." .

The official T3 novel mentions this part:
Kate frantically backpedaled, desperately trying to get away from the killer, but she jammed
the heel of her boot into Kate's throat.
"Where is John Connor?"
Kate couldn't breathe, let alone speak. She managed to shake her head. Somewhere in the foggy
distance she thought she heard the sound of a car of truck or something screeching around the
corner at the end of the block, its engine revving high.
"He was here," the killer said in a calm, unhurried tone. "Where did he go?" She eased the
pressure on Kate's neck.
Suddenly an impossible large, dark presence loomed directly over Kate's head; screaming,
roaring noise, the strong odors of burnt rubber, oil, gasoline, and something else, tall wheels
bracketing her body.
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